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Pre christmas checklist.

Hi everyone, 

How are you? 

So I don't know about you but I am starting to think about all thing Christmas. There are so many things to do and organise before the big day. I know that sounded like a wedding there but it is true there is lots of prep involved in Christmas nowadays.  I thought I would do my Pre-Christmas checklist of what I do to get ready for all the festivity. This is taking for granted you have your Christmas gifts sorted. If not check out my gift guides. 

1. Get outfits ready. Not only dresses for me but Suits for my husbands. Is it me or are there more parties at Christmas time than any other time of the year. I spend most of November searching the internet for the perfect party dress. but for my husband its quick google of Suit Tailors in Leeds to make an appointment for a fitting and boom he is suited and booted. It is so easy being a man. Me I will spend ages at the post office sending items back. 

2. Break in those dancing shoes. Yes, I mean both of us. I don't know about you but how many times have you been to a party and left with your feet cut and sore. Yes, you may look silly wandering around your house in your PJs and heels but your feet will thank me. 

3. Book those appointments. From hair to makeup tan and nails. This is the time of year you need to be on the ball with organising your appointments, get in the diary.  If for example, you need your hair coloured. The hairdressers can be completely booked solid all of December! Its now you make those decisions like what do you really need to have and get it booked in. 

4. Skin prep. If you want to look your best, November is the time to get the exfoliator out and get scrubbing. The party season will wreak havoc to your skin. We all overindulge and this is the time to get get a routine on the go and pamper yourself with a few nice moisturising masks. Not only will you look better but you will feel better. I know I feel more confident when my skin looks nice. 

5. Order you medicines. This might seem like a strange one but I have asthma and I need to make sure, I have all the inhalers I need to get me through to the new year. Your doctors will have Christmas opening hours and these are easy to miss out on, so get in early and get what you need. This also includes checking your medicines to see if they are in date, especially things like Epipens.

6. Food glorious food. If you are having people over during the festive period. It's time to start thinking about what you want to service. From nibbles to meals, you need to get this organised. Especially if you are the Christmas dinner host. Some companies need 4 weeks notices of food orders. Don't forget your furry friends either! make sure you have all the food you need, as pet shops may be closed over the festive season. Why not hit a Christmas market and get some ideas of what to serve. 

7. The Christmas tree. Whether you are having real or fake this year, this needs to be ordered. Along with any decorations you may need. I know some wreath makers want your order in by the end of November. 

8. Drinks. I like to order these separately from my food order. I have a lot of family and friends and I like to have in things that everyone likes. I am Scottish so the New year (Hogmanay) is a big deal up here. It is the tradition that you need to have a dram for anyone, who comes through the door after the bells. It's called first footing up here. One of our weird tradition is the first person through your door is meant to bring you a lump of coal and a dram, May you always have warmth and a dram lol.   This normally means a big gin, prosecco, whiskey and beer order for me to stock up on as we are not big drinkers.

Hope this has helped you get your list together for the festive season.