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The most instagrammable places to stay.

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I am in a travel planning mood today. I have the bug and its time to get planning 2019. I am looking for some interesting places to go next year. I want something different. On one of my internet binges, I came across this awesome post on Schofields, If you don't know them, is an insurance company which runs an amazing blog on their sites.  Which is full of interesting articles and this is where today's food for thought has come from. 

Schofields did some research and they found out that Millennials tend to choose their holidays around the most Instagrammable places. Do you know what I was just thinking about that? In a sense, I do the same sometimes. Yes in my job I am invited to some amazing places but I also have a bit of a habit of looking for the unusual and almost weird and wonderful places to go and stay.

First off can we have a moment for the two British entries? I actually have the Secluded no man’s fort island at sea – England, Portsmouth. on my bucket list already. It looks amazing. I mean come on, it is a luxury hotel on an old fort, built out at sea to protect us from invasion. This to me is next level luxury. There are five bars, casual and formal dining, rooftop hot tubs, spa and a cabaret club to name a few of its luxuries.  

The next British contender the Indoor beach in a holiday home – Kent, England. This is insane. I mean wow not only is this property gorgeous already it has an indoor beach. This is called the sunroom. It has 100% safe 30-degrees warming sun rays, which replicate real sunlight. Perfect if you suffer from SAD. We all know the benefits of the sun, so having this little haven in your holiday home would be amazing in itself. But you would think this would be the only really unique thing about this property. well, you would be wrong. It has access to a private beach, cinema room, hot tub and DJ equipment. Quick sign me up. 

I could talk about all of the places on the list but I will talk about two more favourites and you can check the rest out for yourself. 

Tree hotel – LuleĆ„, Sweden. I have always wanted to go to Sweden and this hotel is just another reason why I need to book a trip. I don't know where to start. Each room is completely different, they are all tree house style, I.E they are suspended in the trees. You have the choice of a mirrored cube, a UFO, Yes I said UFO, or how about a birds nest? To name a few of the fun and unique rooms you can stay in. Imagine sleeping in a UFO watching the northern lights, that is next level right there. Not only does this have these amazing rooms, but it is also home to an award-winning restaurant. If like me you are already sold let me hammer that in. They offer a huge range of activities from moose and bear watching to yoga and meditation or what about dog sledging? whatever you are into they have an option for you. 

My last choice Bubble dome – Lough Finn, Ireland. how about sleeping in a giant bubble? 180-degree transparent walls letting you bask in the beautiful Irish countryside. Imagine lying in your bed stargazing and you fall asleep in complete luxury of a four-poster bed. The bubble domes even have full ensuite facilities and are furnished to a very high standard. Finn Lough also has an amazing spa and restaurant within the complex. There are a variety of activities available from biking to fishing your time will be well filled here. 

Which one would you book?