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How to Lose Weight Without that Constant Hunger

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Many people fail when they try to lose weight because of constant pangs of hunger. With most favourite foods not allowed and the temptations that are all around in shops and the fridge at home, it is no wonder that this happens sometimes. Dieters can become moody and be lacking in energy because of the way they are eating. In reality, with a good weight loss diet, you will never feel hungry and will have more energy than normal.

Ketogenic Diets

There are several sorts of ketogenic diets, but they all have the same aim. The amounts of carbs you eat are dramatically reduced and replaced with fats. Your body then burns the fat as energy instead of the carbs. This will put your body into a metabolic state known as ketosis. When this happens, apart from your body becoming very efficient at burning the fats, ketones are produced in your liver and these supply energy to the brain.

Some of the diets involve more protein, although fats will still be the largest proportion of food you eat. Some people find eating more protein easier to cope with, while others turn to the supplements and replacements meals that are available from such places as KetoLogic, as they find these very useful. The main thing is that on a keto diet you will not feel hungry if you follow the guidelines correctly.

Eat Smaller Meals More Often

This is an old tip to stave of the hunger when you are dieting, but it is one that still works.  Decide what you are going to eat for the day ahead, and then split it into 5 smaller meals rather than three larger ones. Spreading the food out in this way means that you are not going hours between eating, and the hunger pains will take longer to set in. Don’t forget that you can also eat some fruit or nuts between your meals, as these will help as well.

It can be too much to expect your body to cope and not feel hungry if there is perhaps 6 hours between your normal meals.

Drink More Water

Water will not only hydrate you, but it will also give you a feeling of fullness. Sometimes, when people do not drink enough water they mistake thirst for hunger pangs. Next time you feel a little hungry and it is not quite time to eat, have a glass of water instead and there is every likelihood that feeling hungry will disappear.

For some people, having a glass of water before a meal works, as then they do not eat quite so much before starting to feel full.

Limit Your Meal Choices
The more choices you have the harder it is to eat healthily. It seems that the more choice we have in front of us the more we will eat because we want some of everything we like. Reduce the choices and you will reduce the temptation to eat far more than you should.

One study suggested that if you only have two options, for instance, that after one week you would eat just the amount you need and will not overfill yourself. As long as the choices have all the nutrients you need, fewer choices disprove the old saying that ‘variety is the spice of life’, where food is concerned.

Do Something Rather Than Nothing

You will feel hungrier if you sit about thinking of the hunger you are feeling. Do something, anything at all that takes your mind away from eating.  Take a walk, have a shower, read a book or have a sleep. If you do some sort of exercise, it will not only help with your weight loss goals, but you will be healthier both physically and mentally too.

It is a scientific fact that if you sit for hours doing nothing you will eat more. Some people say it is out of boredom, but what actually happens is your brain tells you it wants food to try and energise your body and get it moving.

Find What Diet Suits You

Everyone is different, and that relates to weight loss diets as much as anything else in life. You have to find the way of eating that suits you and that does not leave you feeling constantly hungry. This might involve trying varying foods until you get it right, but as one prominent doctor once said, “To lose weight you just have to eat less”. As long as the lower amount you consume has all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs that should work for most people.

You really don’t have to feel hungry!
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