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How To Stay In Shape While Travelling

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If you're just in the midst of planning a new trip, or you're already on that journey and exploring as many magical places as you possibly can, one thing you'll tend to be doing a lot of, is taking snaps of yourself in all of these stunning locations. One way to look and feel amazing while doing this, is to get fit and active. A lot of people think of doing this before they go away, and they put all of this unnecessary build-up and pressure to be in the perfect shape for when they start their adventure. But who said you can't do it while you're travelling? In fact, this will not only keep you looking awesome, but it will do wonders for the mind too, even more so as it's paired up with the beauty of travel.

You see, with society how it is today, all you have to do is take one look on social media and see all these beautiful looking humans on Instagram living their best lives, and there's so much desire to have the same thing. But the problem is that so many people live for others. They have experiences so they can merely take a photo of it and upload it onto Facebook otherwise it didn't really happen... But, it did, and it does. There are so many experiences out there for you that are all waiting to be discovered, and so while it's brilliant to have the opportunity to capture these and save them to look back on one day, while sharing them with all of your family and friends, you also need to keep the balance and live in the moment - feel things again. Mentally and physically. Like hiking up a mountain and knowing that although your body is tired and aching, look at your surroundings, look at the view at the top of the peak, and just wait until that sunset forms in the sky... Who said staying in shape had to be boring?

So if you're ready for an enlightened, heightened, and real experience on your travels, here's how.

Set yourself regular goals
There is nothing better in life, than achieving goals that either you or someone else has set for you. It's a feeling of accomplishment, especially when you tend to doubt yourself a lot of the time. It lets you know that you can do anything, you just need to be reminded of that sometimes. So the same goes for your physical strength and mental strength. You would be amazed at just how much the body can actually do, but half of that hard work - maybe even more - is unlocking that with your mind, as it's such a powerful thing. Your body can be so exhausted and have no energy left, but there can be a moment in your mind where you have that sudden surge of determination, and you are able to keep going because that's what your brain has told your body to do. So set goals, and build up the difficulty as you go. You'll surprise yourself.

Get yourself a personal trainer
Just because you're on the move doesn't mean that you can't look up local personal trainers in the area that you're in. There are plenty of different packages to suit your circumstances, so always inquire to find out more if and when you get interested. The Ultimate Performance has the best coaches on offer to give you exactly what you want when you want it. The key when looking for a trainer is to meet a few different individuals because they will all have their own style of doing things, so it's important that you try out a few so that you know what fits you better. It works the same way for them too, as they need to learn you and your needs, especially your limit, as their job is to push you beyond there so you get the results you want while knowing just when to stop.

Explore on foot
When travelling, there are many different options of getting you from A to B, and while some of them will be necessary, like hopping on a plane or a boat, there are times where you will have the option to explore on foot instead. Of course, this may well take you longer and add a few more days to your journey, but the whole point of travelling is to see and discover things, and there's no better way to do that than by foot. So always have a rucksack of essential items that you need, that way when you find it appropriate to break off the main path, you know that you have what you need with you, and anything else you can have sent to your next spot. Just be sure to have the right shoes, as after time you will definitely feel the strain of carrying yourself around every day.

Document your journey
A lot of the time when getting fit, you don't notice much change yourself - it's other people that point out that you're looking well, or have lost a little weight. This is merely because you see yourself every day, as a pose to once a week, so every day, even though changes may be happening, you don't recognise them as much. This is why it's such a good idea to document your journey with weekly images of yourself so that you can see the positive effects that it's having on you. It's not necessarily just about the changes of your physical appearance either, but your mental state too. So write down how you're feeling. You can do this every day, or once a week, but keep some sort of diary and note down how you feel and what you've done. Then over time, you will be able to look back over these things and see just how far you've managed to come.