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My 7 world wonders -trip of a life time

Today I was doing my normal procrastinating on the internet and I came across the best competition I have ever seen. If you know anything about me you will know I love to travel and I love a good competition and this one is life changing in my opinion.

The amazing Exodus Travels is running a competition to win your own 7 world wonders trips. If you don't know Exodus travels, Where have you been? They are only the number one place to go when booking adventure holidays. They arrange the best trips everything from hiking in the Himalayas to wildlife walks to spot gorillas in Rwanda. They cover a staggering 100 countries, your choice really is endless.  If you are looking for bespoke back to nature trips Exodus is your one-stop shop. They even score 97% satisfaction rate from there clients.

I thought it would be fun to tell you My 7 world wonders (click the link to enter the competition and don't forget to thank me if you win. ) Now I will give you a quick rundown of why I have chosen my list. I could bore you to death with reasons. The main things to know about me I love to learn and experience new things.
man with child on bike in cambodia
 Number one Cycling in Cambodia. 
As you know I am a biker and I have always wanted to travel to Cambodia. Cambodia is a mesmerising country from the hustle and bustle in Phnom Penh to Angkor Wat, there is so much to see and do in Cambodia. Plus we all know how much I love learning the history of different countries. so this would be the perfect tour for me. 

Number two The lost city of Petra in Jordan
Jordan has that mystical allure surrounding it. Petra the so-called red city has been on my bucket list since I learned about Egyptian's in school. It is arguably the best preserved Egyptian city in the world. Plus on this trip, you get to float in the dead sea and snorkel in the red sea. Which is one of my favourite places in the world to snorkel, There is just so much variety of fish and creatures to see. Plus the warm water is a nice change from snorkelling here in the north of Scotland. Yes, I have done this.

zebras in green jungle
Number three the great migration in Kenya
This would be a dream come true. My husband and I almost booked a surfari trip for our honeymoon but unfortunately at the time the foreign office had imposed a no-fly zone. So we had to change our plans last minute. I have always been a bit animal obsessed and this is life goals for me.

Number four cycling in Hawaii
Ok, I will not lie here my interest in Hawaii was peaked by shows like lost and the Jurassic Park films. I mean the scenery alone is worth the trip. But in Hawaii, there is also the chance to go to pearl harbour, and you know this girl loves her history. All that and volcanos. You know I need to visit here.

Number five hiking the great wall of China
This one needs no intro really. I have always been fascinated by China. Their history, their culture, There is just so much to learn about China and the chance to hike the great wall, whilst learning all this, How could this not make the list.

Number six Tiger and Taj
Not only do you get to visit the Tajmahal but you get to go on a safari to see tigers in there natural habitat. Could this trip be any better? Yes, you get to experience Dehli from visiting the palaces and fort to riding in a tuk-tuk or cycle rickshaws I mean Wow.

Number seven the rocky mountains Canada
If you have been following me a while you will know cananda has always been in my bucket list. I have always loved the idea of going to Canada. The scenery is out of this world. Plus you know its a mountain biking mecca. Can you imagine seeing a wild bear? I mean that would really be something special. 

On my goodness. You get a little video of your chosen trips. If you want extra entries, get sharing on all your socials. What are you waiting for go and get involved? Let's make your dreams come true. 

Collaboration post with Exodus Travels.