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Why you should have marriage counseling

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Its the time of year where everyone is meant to be happy and living there best life right? I don't know about you but my Instagram is litter with happy families sharing their wonderful lives. but what if that your marriage is not perfect? What if you are having problems in your relationship?

Why is there a stigma in asking for help with your relationship? We are all quick to get our physical problems addressed but we are all a bit lax when it comes to mental health. It is so easy to put problems in the back of your mind and let them niggle until a small issue becomes a huge deal and there is no turning back. I was reading a really interesting post on regain.us called should I seek marriage counselling? And it really got me thinking about marriage counselling and why more of us don't do it for the sake of our own and our partner's mental health? Regain.us is a fantastic site which has loads of helpful free articles about relationships why not pop over and have a look?
Who is marriage counselling for? 
Short answers is for everyone. Marriage counselling is a great way for couples to learn more about how to communicate better together and to preserve your relationship. It's about learning what you want as an individual and seeing if that works as part of your partnership. I am not saying it can save all relationships but it gives you a fighting chance to try to repair and resolve issues. 

One of the biggest issues in any relationship, whether it be a marriage or a friendship is working out the individual person mental health issues and learning how to deal with and help the other person. 

For example, I am open about my depression and anxiety and My husband has had to learn how to be patient and help me though when needed. The great thing about marriage councilling is you can have individual therapist appointment and couple appointments. So you can not only air things out together but you can also have time to discuss things on your own. I know I struggle with the guilt of my condition and sometimes I need to talk to a therapist by myself and vice versa with my husband. 
I know my own mental health impacts our relationship. There have been times I couldn't leave the house and was scared of normal everyday things, like going to the shops or walking the dog. I knew at the time it was my issue but it impacted greatly on my husband too. He went from having a very outdoorsy wife to a kinda closeted zombie wife wracked with emotions. It was good for him to have someone to speak to and ask questions about my condition without the fear of upsetting me more or causing the issue to become something it wasn't. The problem with mental health is not only for the person suffering it is for the people they affect. I will not sit here and pretend asking for help is easy. it is not but it is worth it. Having someone who understands your condition and is able to help the other person understand your needs is worth its weight in gold. 

You should never be afraid to ask for help in any relationship. it might just save your marrage and bring you back together.