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New look PJs for christmas.

Hi everyone,
 How are you? 

Today I want to show you My favourite Christmas PJs. 
I love PJs I know everyone does and I get asked alot where I buy mine from. I love for nightwear. There is nothing that makes me feel more Christmassy than choosing out a new nightmare for the festive season. It seems to be a tradition to find a new pair for you to wear on Christmas eve. 

These are my two I have picked up for the festive season. 
friends pjs on christmas background

Come on who is not obsessed with friends. I still can't believe it been so long since it finished. These are super cute. The top is on the short side and the trousers are cigarette style. 

mickey mouse onesie
Did someone say mickey mouse onesies? hell yes, they did. This is the softest onesie I have owned. 
It is actually from the girl's range and is size small. The only thing is its a bit short in the leg but other than that it is perfect and the cutest thing in the world. 

friends pjs for christmas

Some fun photos for you all.