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Why A Dress Can Change How You Dress

You may not believe this, but it’s been said that the way that you dress can dictate your mood. We all make more effort to look nice when there is a special occasion on the horizon, but for the most part, people always stay a little torn between wanting to dress up and then feeling down about taking the time to think about their clothing.

The thing is, making a switch into a whole other style can change the way that we think about everything. Our confidence changes. Our mood changes. We get an extra edge in both our personal and our professional lives. If you are brave enough, you can jump out of the jeans and tee combination and jump straight into the beautiful dresses from Filly Flair Dress Boutique. It’s not just women who benefit from a change in style, but men, too. You constantly hear phrases like dressing for the job you want not the job you have, and it’s the same with your clothing. Dress for the confidence you want, not the confidence you have, and you can completely change your style. The clothes that we wear affect our behaviour, and this is known as enclothed cognition.
Photo of a Woman Wearing Green Dress
We consider some of our clothes to be powerful, like suits that we wear for work to be intimidating. We consider some of our clothes to be fun, like the glitzy top in the wardrobe that you wear for a night out with the girls. Even our gym clothes make us feel differently about ourselves. We evaluate the people that we meet based on their clothing choices, and this is because of the way those clothes make us feel. Take these examples and you’ll see what we mean:

1. A tailored dress can be associated with being dressed for success. Formal office wear like that can make us feel like we are in the right frame of mind to conduct business.

2. We need to have casual dresses in the wardrobe for those days we just want to relax and dress down. A good, tailored dress works amazingly well for the boardroom, but casual dresses are the best when you want to socialize.

3. You wouldn't wear a dress to the gym, but if you want to get motivated to work out, you just need to put your gym clothes on. You’ll immediately feel like you want to exercise, which is a big deal when you haven't had the motivation before.

4.The way that we perceive uniforms is everything. When we see a uniform, we are presented with certain expectations of behaviour associated with those uniforms. When you’re wearing a wedding dress, for example, people expect you to be a beaming bride.

Clothing has a lot to answer for, and the more you change your style to fit something entirely different, the more you will be able to rock your confidence and enjoy yourself in the world. Your style is going to reflect you, so do you want that reflection to be feeling fierce or meek? The choice is yours.