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The best present for any dog Milo's mail.

Hi everyone, 
How are you? 

Have you completed your Christmas shopping? 
Today we are talking about my fur babies. If you are not a dog person this post will not be for you. But if like me you are a bit dog obsessed then let me introduce you to 

First things first today we have the wonderful Millie a son to be 7-year-old Springador and Mylo who is a 4-year-old Dalmatian bit about today testers. Millie likes the finer things in life and has a big love of ball and soft toys. Mylo is her destructive little brother. he likes to kill toys and has a very sensitive tummy. 

Millie was a very lucky girl and sent a months subscription to, Milo's mail is a monthly doggy subscription box, which is crammed packed full of dog toys and treats and delivered straight to your door. It is only £24.95 per month Or you can get  3 months for £70 or 6 months for £130 or a full year of treats for £120. basically the more you buy the cheaper it is. This really is the perfect gift for your dog. Let me show you the box. 

box with name millie open box
So each box is not only cute and packaged so nicely it is crammed to the gunnels with goodies. 

laura and millie letter in opened box

milo mail box sticker
How cute is this little sticker? This is Milo from Milos mail. I love this it's so cute. 

springador with open box

dalmation with milomails
Both dogs were so excited to see what was in the box it was very hard to get any photos of them with the box. Lol. 

lots of dog toys

So what is in the box. 
1 foldable water bottle- super handy to have on a long walk or in the car

A fun toy with long legs- Millie's favourite. she loves to play with him and fight her brother for him. He is alive and kicking which is rear for any of their toys. This means that he is by far the favourite. 

Billy and Margot popcorn - This is amazing low in calories and high in taste. This went down a treat. I have even had to order more Billy and Margot popcorn as Both dogs loved it so much. Millie has mild hip dysplasia and it is hard to find low calories treats she actually like. With Hip dysplasia, you have to monitor her weight. This is a fantastic find. 

Pawbakes baking kit - I know this is a complete coincidence but it is Millie birthday on the 27th and we always buy one of these baking kits to give her a birthday treat and this is peanut butter she is going to love it. 

A speaker biscuit- This was super cute but Mylo did kill it before Millie had the chance to play with it. Brother hay. 

A bowtie - If you know anything about Millie, she loves to dress up. She will go and cry beside her Christmas jumper until you put it on. Which is cool but seeing your dog with a Christmas jumper in July is funny. So the bow tie was a huge hit and she will ask for it to go on. 

A good boy starfish ball.- Mylo's favourite from the box he loved to chew on this and play with it. It lasted quite long in his hands which is no mean feat. Normally if it isnt a back Kong toy it will not last. But this was about for a few days. This might not sound long but for him it is. 

Wow, this is alot of items for £24.95 my husband even said I normally only get two toys for that price Let alone everything else. I really feel like there is lots of thought put into Milo's mail. The selection is awesome a good ratio of toys to treats and good quality items. 

Since the box was addressed to millie we let her pick an item out first, 

dog playing with dog toy
Straight to long leg doggy toy. He was chosen. 

dalmation playing with dog toy
Oh dear her brother tried to steal it. That was worth a play fight for. 

dogs playing with toys
Mylo's favourite little buddy was the little ball. 

I dare you to touch my new friend?

cute dog with her teddy

More photos. Well, I know completely get the age-old saying of never work with children or animals. They were so in to the toys and treats photos were very hard to get. I can only aplogies but it does mean they loved their box and its safe to say they will be woofing about it to all their friends. 

Bluper photos below.