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My top tips to dressing fashionably when you are older

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Today we are talking fashion. I was asked by one of my older friends. Why there are not many guides on how to dress fashionably when you are older? So I thought I would compile my favourite tips for dressing for the winter, when you are older.

1. Learn your body shape. Our bodys all change with age. Come on, none of us has our teenage body. To be honest I wouldn't want mine back. But throughout aging, bodies change for all sorts of reasons from the ageing process to childbirth, things start to take a toll. It is really important to find your silhouette. Are you an apple, pear, hourglass have you gone form an apple to an hourglass? Knowing your shape helps you understand how to dress it. 

2. Layering. Come on its cold outside and as we age, we naturally grow colder and need warmth. Layering is key to not only adding some style but to adding warmth. You can get some gorgeous thermal legging and tops. The key to the changing weather has to be in your layering system. 
Adding in a nice pair of thermal tights under a midi skirt adds in the warmth and looks amazing. 

3. Scarfs, Not only do they make a statement but the double up the warmth. The fashion right now is for very oversized scarfs. Perfect for a chilly walk on the beach to keep you warm and add in the style points. What about adding a new scarf to jazz up your old coat. 

4. Tailoring. No matter what age you are clothes that fit you right make you look better. Investing in having your clothes altered to fit you, not only looks better but it can take away extra inches making you feel and look slimmer. 

5. Be bold. If you have lived a very safe fashion life, good on you but take a risk. Come on if we can't take a risk when we get older when can we? Buy that yellow skirt, you have your eye on in M&S add it to a gorgeous cashmere sweater and pumps. There was a study I read that said bright colours make us feel youthful so enjoy colour and bring the zest back into your wardrobe. 

6. Watch the current trends. I am not saying all the current trends but why not incorporate some current trends into your wardrobe?  Let's face it I am not embracing the crop top trend. but I love the metallic trends at the moment and have added a nice tailored metallic skirt to my wardrobe. 

7. Don't be afraid to ask for help. We all get stuck in a style rut and there is nothing worse than hating the clothes you are wearing. There are so many places to go for help. From personal shopping to style advisors, why not treat yourself to a style consultation. 

8. Underwear. yes, I went there. All our clothes look better on us when you have the right fitting underwear. Are you still wearing the same bra you had 10 years ago? If yes then you need to go and get fitted for a new one. This is not just for your overall look but a badly fitted bra can cause back problems. So why not, book in and have a bra fitting? 

9. Enjoy your clothes. This one should be obvious but wear clothes you feel good in. Show off that figure. If you feel good you will look good and vice versa. our clothes are one of the first things new people see about us and if you are not comfortable in yours this will show. So love your wardrobe. 

10. Out with the old. If you have a bit of a hoarding wardrobe. Now is the time to clear it out and send off the unwanted unworn items to the charity shop. If you have not worn it in a year are you likely to wear it again? Be brutal. Go one if you really go through your wardrobe I bet you will find some gems you haven't seen in ages which could be put back in your current staples.