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Simple Things - Minimalist Apartment

People who embrace a “less is more” lifestyle may not even realize that they are on board a hot trend known as minimalist design. In fact, minimalist design has been a movement since the 1960s, originally seen as a form of protest against excessive consumerism. Essentially, minimalist apartment design is the concept of stripping everything down to its essential quality to achieve a simple, functional space. Here are some simple things you can do to create a minimalist apartment for yourself.
minimal apartment

1.     Neutrality is key

Starting with a blank slate is ideal and, fortunately, most apartments, whether apartments for sale or alternative cheap apartment rentals, are painted white or another neutral colour. Light, simple wall colours like ivory or ecru are an excellent start to a minimalist apartment. Keep your flooring on the neutral side as well by incorporating sisal or seagrass area rugs to bring in texture as well as a simple base. By having a neutral base, adding environmental elements such as natural light through large windows, sky through a skylight, earth and air from an outdoor living space makes these features become part of the design.

2. Simplicity throughout

Minimalist design is all about simplicity on every level. Choose your furniture, the layout and the colour scheme with this in mind. Do not go for overstuff, frilled or gingerbread house pieces that clutter the clean lines of your minimalist design. Additionally, do not worry about the space being boring; simple does not necessarily mean basic. Minimalist design combines form and function, making the most of double-duty furniture like storage cubes as extra seating and modern shelving units.

clean white bathroom in minimalist style
3.     Standout pieces
Including at least one bold, stand-out piece of furniture, décor or art is almost a law of minimalist design. Going back to our tenet of form meeting function, look for decorative storage options like a bike rack from Barriers Direct that defies gravity by balancing two bikes like works of art. Creating a conversation piece by taking an everyday item like a bike and turning it into décor is what minimalist design is all about. You have the added benefit of your bikes being stored securely and close to hand.
4.     Balance
Uniformity and balance may make you cringe, but do not be afraid of incorporating symmetry in your minimalist apartment. Look to the light sources such as windows, doors or light fixtures to make sure your space has balanced light. Use mirrors or strategically placed lighting to compensate and create balance when necessary. Determine a centre line in your room and use furniture placement to create patterns around it. For instance, a central focal point such as a chandelier is perfect to move down vertically and place a circular table beneath, and from there arranging furniture or rugs to create balance.

bar in minimalist house
5.     Empty space
Closely related to balance is the art of leaving empty space or breathing room. Pare down your décor and furniture to favourite, useful pieces to avoid overcrowding your space. This way, every piece you select has its chance to be in the spotlight and be used to create a visual balance. Remember this for every new piece you bring home, and edit your space by removing one old item. Using minimalist design principals can really maximize your apartment space.

6.     Less is more
We have come full circle; back to the less is principal, which is at the heart of minimalist design. The phrase, “less is more”, should guide you like a mantra when it comes to decision-making for your apartment design. For example, when shopping for a new coffee table, your choice should be based on the “less is more” principle, with a basic style, clean lines and functionality that belies its simple form.
By stripping everything down to the essential, simplistic essence, it is very easy to create a minimalist apartment. At the top of your mind should be the thought that all pieces and details of your minimalist apartment are important in their own right, with each adding to the enjoyment as well as the appearance of your space.