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5 things to do after a long trip away.

Hi Everyone,

How are you?
We have just returned from a month long holiday and I have a checklist of things to do. I thought this would be a good time to share that checklist with you all. I didn't really think about the amount of work that leaving your home for a month would entail. If I am completely honest. 

1. The one I am most concerned about is our garden. It has turned in to a jungle. The grass is about a meter tall and getting longer by the second.   I need to contact Garden service. I know what you are thinking why wouldn't I do it myself but to be honest there are not enough hours in the day, especially during daylight hours now autumn is upon us. I just can't find the time to maintain this like a gardener would. I live in the highland and the extreme changes in weather at the drop of a hat plays havoc with my garden. It is time to get the professionals in. 

2. Time to check the fridge and cupboards for out of date products. I am pretty good at doing the fresh food before I leave but I think this is a good time to check all the sauces in the fridge. Then go through all the cupboards to check for expired goods. I know there is an argument for still using out of date product but due to my IBS I am not taking any risks and will be disposing of any out of date items. 

3. Deep clean the house. I like to do a really good clean. I have asthma which is spurred on by dust. After a month of the house being left on its own. I like to do a big clean and dust. This is not only for cleanliness its also for my health. I do all the jobs I normally skirt around like cleaning the curtain rods and the skirtings. Moving the big furniture and giving it a good clean all over. This is a great time to check for any damage and see if anything needs to be replaced. 

4. Following on from the clean. I also do a big declutter. It is this time when I am back from a trip that I need to rid myself of my clutter. I can in this job, as a blogger be a bit of a hoarder. Oh, I can keep that as it might do for a flatlay or that's so pretty I will find something to do with it etc. No, it is time to get organized and get rid of any unneeded tat. I need to be strong and brutal. 

5. Clothes. When I am in one of these de-cluttering moods. It is time to look through my closet and sell any unworn unloved items. I have lots of gorgeous dresses shoes and belts,. I am keeping for the right occasion. but if the right occasions haven't arrived yet why am I keeping them? This is a form of hoarding. Let's be real! if I have any event I buy something new. So it is time to let them go and be with someone who will enjoy them. Plus who doesn't love a cash boost after a holiday right? 

What do you do when you come home from a long trip?

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