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New vrs Old cars where do you stand?

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Today I want to talk about a dilemma a lot of people come across in life. I am talking about new vrs old when buying a car. I feel like this is a bit of a Marmite dilemma for me. I have never been one of those people who has to have a new car. But there is a very compelling argument for having a new car so I thought I would tell you the for and against arguments.
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But before we get into that. I need to stress the importance of having a good car insurance policy. As you may know, I was a police officer and have had the misfortune of attending road traffic incidents. I think one of the biggest decisions, when even thinking about a new car is finding the right insurance company.

 It is so easy now a day to just go with whatever comes up in a search engine and assume you are covered but that is not always the case. Always read the small print and make sure you are happy with the cover you will receive if the worst were to happen to you. Personally, I recommend Aviva. They have a cover to suit any budget whether you choose a new or old car.
 Aviva's comprehensive cover cannot be beaten, You are even covered if an uninsured driver hits you. You would not believe how common this is and I would always make sure that I am covered for this.
weather you choose a new or old you want to make sure you are covered for damage and roadside repairs and with Aviva you are. 
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Now let's get into the argument for new cars.
1. You don't have to come up with all the money upfront as there are repayment plans available.
2. Long warranty meaning many problems are sorted out by the car manufacturer.
3. Lastest safety technology. New cars tend to have the latest safety technology.
4. Less costly MOTs. The newer the car the less wear and tear there tends to be on the vehicle. Thus making MOTs a lot less scary.
5. Most new cars pay no road tax. That's a big saving a year. 

The argument to buy a preloved car.
1. Less expensive. Yes, you pay out a lump sum but after that, the car is 100% yours and you have no repayments.
2. With an older car, I know I worry less about having my dogs in it or if you have a small ding.
3. Less technology. I have to say there is something nice about an older car with no bells and whistles. I know I have gotten into some new cars and I need an instruction manual just to learn how to drive it.

To be completely honest with you. I can not think of any more reasons not to buy a new car. Don't get me wrong. I have a four-year-old car that I bought second hand. I am more than happy with my car and I can't see me upgrading it any time soon. I use my car to go from A to B. This mostly entails taking my dogs to the beach or going mountain biking. I am not that precious about my car but what I do concern myself is having the best insurance I can have.


This post is in collaboration with Aviva