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How to keep your home safe

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As you may or may not know, I was a police officer for a few years and one of the questions, I get asked a lot is how to keep your home safe. The Uk is going through a troubling time at the moment.
Where crime seems to be on the increase. It is hard to ignore the crime stats that are all over the press But what I will say is. You have to remember that we are living in the day and age of social media and everything is now public knowledge. It may not be the case that crime in your area is on the up. It is more likely you are more aware of it.  When a crime was reported in the days before social media not many people, bar the victims and the accused would know about the crime. Now everyone and their cat knows what is going on or worse thinks they know.  I can't decide if this is a good thing or not? I have been the reporting officer and the victim of crimes. I could debate this all day with you but that is not why you are here. So let me tell you the simple things you can do to stay safe in your home.
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Security alarms
There are lots of simple things to do to protect your home. One of the most important is to install a home alarm system. You would not believe the amount of home that overlooks having an alarm.
 I recommend They are an industry leader in home security.  When you have one of their alarms fitted to your home, you are hooked up to their dedicated team at the Alarm receiving centre 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Where they have an average response time of 45seconds. They are equipped to deal with any emergency situation from a burgery to a medical emergency. You are covered. Even the act of having the alarm fitted can put potential burglars off.

Maintenance and lights.
Next up. Check your home. This might sound simple but when was the last time you checked the working order of your windows and doors? If these are a weak point in your home. This makes it an easy entry point. Make sure to lock your door and windows, when you are away from your home.

I always recommend having outdoor lights. The ones that are activated by movement. This is a great way to tell that someone is on your property. Don't get me wrong they are also activated by animals. But this can be enough to startle a potential thief. Whilst we are talking about the outside of your property. Another great way to put off intruders is having gravel or any stone paths, as long as when walked on it makes a noise. It is enough to make people think twice as the noise it creates can alert people to your presence. I have had two cases. When I was in the police. Where people have heard the noise of someone walking around their property at night due to there gravel path and called to police.

Fluffy friends
Have a dog. This one is not for everyone but dogs big or small bark and they protect your home.
I have spoken to a few burglars who have told me they won't go near a house with a dog. Many a burglar have been apprehended by the homeowner's fluffy friend. Whether its because they have been bitten and needed medical attention or they have torn the intruder's clothes. A dog is not just a family member but a protector. Even If you have two soft dogs like mine. They still bark when someone comes to the house.

While we are talking about dogs. Dog doors. These are a great idea. Giving your furry friends access in and out of the home. When the mood takes them. These can also be a potential access point for others to enter your home. I would never recommend having these installed. I have also heard of a case where the intruders have put treats laced with sedatives through the dog door to sedate the dog or worse. It is not worth the risk in my opinion.

When away from home
If you are away from home during your holidays. I highly recommend using light timers. These are inexpensive gadgets that fit on to your plugs. You set the time, that you would like your light to come on and for how long.  Also If you can get someone to check your property for you and remove any mail from the front door. Mail building up at the door or hanging out the letterbox is a huge giveaway that you are away from home.

Do not let strangers into your home. Always checks the ID of any workmen or woman you have coming to your home. This is a common way for intruders to scoop out your property to see if it is worth there time to come back later and rob you.  If someone has come to your home and you feel uncomfortable or have any suspicions about them report it to the police. You may not think anything about telling them to get lost but what about the little lady down the road. If the police know about it they can act before something happens.

I hope you have found these tips helpful.