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Monthly favorites - tan, nails and healthy snacks

Hi everyone, 

How are you? 

I haven't done a monthly favourite in ages and Its because I haven't really discovered anything new but I have found a few lovely products. I want to pass on to you. 

flatlay of pink stick on nails and norvell tan and dr numb

I have terrible nails from mountain biking. My hands are in and out of wet gloves and it has ravaged my poor nails. If I have an event I reach for Elegant touch nails from £9.99 per set. They are so easy to put on and last as long as I Have needed them. I always find I take them off before they come off which for glue on nails is amazing for me. They come with a verity of sizes which is great as I have long nail beds and they fit me with ease. Can we take a minute for these two colors? OH MY Gosh, they are stunning. I have a wedding in a few weeks and I can not wait to pop these on any make my hands look girlie. 

I haven't mentioned this in ages but my favorite tan at the moment is Norvell tanning
I find their product goes on with ease and no streaking. I like to top up my glow with the gradual tanner and for big occasions where I want to feel a bit browner, I go for the self-tanning mist. There is no orange colour with this tan at all. It has such a nice tropical scent as well. 

As you know I am a mountain biker and sometimes I fall off and like a child in the playground, I skin my legs. I have found Dr numb Lidocaine cream is amazing for when the scab becomes itchy.  It works like a dream. I have also used it on insect bites. It is brilliant for them. I find if it is an itchy annoying pain I reach for Dr. Numb before anything else. Oh, one other thing If you are new to epilating. This cream is a godsend for those more sensitive areas. $54 I Have friends who use it
for the pain caused by getting tattoos. It really is a medicine cupboard staple. 

woman in long mirror in cute dress
This is a fabulous bit of clothing called wingz from wingz fashion. Like a lot of people. I have a bit of hate of my arms and mostly I hate how my arms look in sleeveless dresses. Sometime I will fall in love with a sleeveless dress and wish it had sleeves. To the point where I have thought should I take it to a seamstress to have sleeves made? This is where I found Wingz fashion who have made little sleeves which fit under any dress to convert it from sleeveless to having sleeves this giving me my confidence back. They come in lots of styles and colours. Prices from £9.99

I have a new addiction. Emily crisps. I have always been more of a sweet person but this was before I met Emily's crisps. I don't tend to eat many crisps but when I do these are by far my all-time favourites. I love the flavours and them so crunchy and delicious. My husband is obsessed with them. I have to hide them our I don't get a look in. If you were to make me choose only one I would say you need to try the chilli and lime ones they are so divine. did I mention they are one of your 5 a day? Finally, a healthy snack that makes me feel like I am being naughty as they taste so good. 

What's on your favourite list.