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Best hot and cold coffee machine for the home.

Hi everyone, 

How are you? 

I have a well know coffee habit. I love good coffee. I wanted to talk to you today about my coffee addition. Unlike most people, I only started drinking coffee in my 20's. I was going through some health problems and my doctor recommended, I have at least 3 cups a day. This was at first a hard task to accomplish. But I soon became what I like to think, a coffee connoisseur. As a blogger, I work from home and spend long hours on the laptop and Ipad and I don't always have time to pop out for coffee. I am always looking for a good home coffee machine for my breaks or for when my friend pop round. 

When I was contacted by Dolce Gusto. I knew This is a campaign for me. Introducing colours automatic coffee machine by delonghi £109.99 Hello little beauty. 
dolce gusto coffe machinedolce gusto coffee machine
So what is special about her, Yes I have called her, her. 

Not only is she super sleek and gorgeous, but she is also full of special features. First, you can interchange her back colour.  You can have Red, blue or green on the back of the machine. Whatever you like. It is so simple to change them out,  you can do it whenever the mood takes you. It is so simple just take out the water tank and slip in the colour sleave you would like. I love that she is compact and fits into my kitchen with ease. 
dolce gusto coffe machine reddolce gusto coffe machine greendolce gusto coffee machine blue

 Ok now lets talk about the machine. It has so many very clever features. 
You can make hot or cold drinks. Wait, what. Yip, unlike many other coffee machines I have owned in the past, this can make cold coffees. This is heaven in the summer for me. As you know I have to keep up my coffee, whatever the weather. Plus who doesn't love an iced coffee? There is a clever lever on the machine, where you just slide over to hot or cold to make your preferred drink. simple right. I do love a gadget that is simple especially if I am in a rush. 

dolce gusto coffe machine plug

Next up the amount of drink. This machine offers lots of options from expresso to XL lattes. You are in control of this with a little spinning button. You just spin it up or down depending on the level of drink required. This is one of my favourite features of this machine. I like a big cup of coffee and this machine delivers that and more. I find a most coffee machine on the market hardly fill a normal sized cup let alone a big cup. I love this machine. 

As you can make your drinks any size. You will be using a variety of different cup sizes for your drink. This has even been covered by the very clever cup holder and drip tray. Which is super easy to adjust. As you can see from the photos. It just pops out and can be moved to the height of the cup you require. This making your cup sit snugly in the coffee machine. 

dolce gusto coffee machine working

dolce gusto coffee machine pod

It is easy to pop in the pods. The little pod holder removes. It is now when this is removed, you choose your amount of drink you want using the slider as explained previously. Next insert your chosen drink, close the holder and place back into the machine. Now you select whether you want hot or cold and wait for your drink to be made. simple!

What you are left with is an amazing cup of coffee. Nescafe Dolce Gusto has a huge range of over 40 drinks from coffee, hot chocolate to tea. Everyone in my family is more than covered. I have had everyone who comes round to my house to test the Colors out and they have all loved it and it is even on one of my friends Christmas list. I think that speaks for its self to how good this little machine is.