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Want to make money on your home?

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Today we are going to talk about how to add value to your home. Your home is such a huge investment. You want it to make you money when the time comes to sell the property right. When you are a homeowner it is hard to look at your home through a buyer's eyes. You love your home. You have spent years making it just right? Then potential buys come and you feel vulnerable and they pick apart your choices. Here are simple things to do when trying to sell your house for a profit. 

1. Maintenance, It simple but keeping up with the small stuff. Can help you add money to your home. Why not check the guttering and have a look in the loft. This is the best way to find minor problems and have them fixed before they major problems which cost hundreds. 

2. Investing in a good central heating system. It is so important to keep your home warm.  One of the things I look at then I am looking to buy a new home is how old is the central heating boiler?  New boilers are more economical and will cost me less to heat the home. They are more reliable and less likely to break down. This giving me faith that I will not have to have an engineer out to fix problems or have a new one installed myself. 

3. Look after your garden. If I go to a home and the garden a mess. The first thing I think is oh dear that is going to cost me a fortune to have sorted or I am going to spend hours in the garden to make it livable for my dogs. I am not saying make your garden a show home style garden but I am saying get the mower out and give the grass a trim. 

4. This one is personal. When I enter a bathroom I turn on the shower to check the pressure. This tells me if I will need to replace the shower or not. I can not stand no water pressure in a shower. I also think this lets me gauge how old the shower is. New showers tend to have better pressure and are more economical. In Scotland, we pay very little for water but in England, some homes are water metered and I would take this in to account when buying a new home. 

5. The Kitchen. I know this will have an upfront cost but if you are trying to sell me a home and the kitchen is from the '70s. I am automatically thinking about how much will that cost to change. There are so many ways to update a kitchen cheaply. It is worth investing a little bit of money to make your kitchen more appealing. From simply changing out the cabinet doors or painting the tiles there are so many simple changes you can do to improve the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. this adding value to your home. 

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