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The perfect river island dress for a hourglass

Hi everyone

How are you? 

Today I want to talk body confidence. I have a very strange relationship with my body over the years. I have been everything from a size UK size 24 to a size 8. I have to say I actually had more confidence when I was a size 24 then when I lost weight. I just found it difficult to look in the mirror and see the new body shape that was in front of me. When I was bigger I was let's be honest mostly huge boobs. I knew how to dress my shape I suited more 60s style dresses. I had to complete relearn what looked good on me. I am now an 8-10 hourglass. I know it is what most woman dream of being my shape but in reality, it is actually really hard to style. I have boobs and a bum. 

Enter river island who have a asked me to find the best dress on their site for my body shape. 

You know I jumped at the chance. I was so difficult to choose as river island really do have a style for everyone. I wanted to push some of my boundaries with this and I am delighted to show you what I have chosen. This is the amazing  Yellow caroline flack floral maxi dress in size 10. 
woman in yellow flowing river island dress back of yellow river island dress

mountain in back ground woman posing in flowing yellow dress

yellow summer dress on woman fitted yellow river island dress on woman in hills

stunning dress flowing in wind in mountains

low cut flowing yellow river island dress woman in summer yellow dress

Hopefully, you can see from all these photos the dress is divine. It pulls me in at the waist and has gorgeous detailed ruffles on the length of the dress giving it that salsa swing. I love the leg slit, its the little details in this dress that make it so special. I am not normally a yellow girl but I think the colour and pattern are super flattering.  It is the perfect dress for summer or holidays. I am standing in the Pyrenees mountains and the dress looks amazing next to the backdrop.