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How to change your room for the season.

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cosy room in winter season
Well, I blinked and missed summer didn't I? I get asked a lot about how to breath new life into a room. There are so many ways to jazz up your home with simple tips and tricks. I thought I would share mine with you. 

1. I love to incorporate seasonal pieces. Like, throw blanket and pillows. It is such an easy way to add depth to any room. I like to have different textures in a room. I think adding a really nice textured throw or pillows can make the room not only look more luxurious but add that extra something. In autumn I love burnt oranges and deep reds. I really think this brings the outside changing colours into your home. I actually keep different sets of throw and pillows for each season. 

2. Change up your curtains and blinds. Never underestimate changing up your blinds or curtains. This impacts the whole rooms dynamic. I love having nice blinds. I get mine from They are amazing quality and affordable. I like to mix up the colours. Why stick to traditional boring colours when you can add some zest to your life right? I personally think thick curtain make a room cosier and I love this for this time of year. I have a light curtain in summer and heavy curtains in winter. 
winter candles flickering
3. Fragrance. I love to change up the candles and room fragrances I use. I really think this has a big impact on a room and your home in general. I have a really good sense of smell. My husband calls it my curse. In the summers I like fruity fresh scent and winter I reach for my woody senses. I love nice sandalwood or cedarwood candle at this time of year. It really makes a difference to the mood of any room try it. Plus it is a super cheap way to change how you feel about a room. 

4. The little things. I love to bring the outside inside. I love to have a nice seasonal display. Why not get some nice pine cones and pop them in a vase or bowl. I love to add these little touches to a room. It can really pull a room together and also it gives the impression of a real interior flare. Plus you can use items from your garden, like seasonal flowers or greenery. 

5. Lighting. In the winter months, I like to use a lot of candles not only for the scent but I also like the cosy feel of candles. This is a great time to think about the lighting in your room. Personally, I like soft lighting in a room in winter. So why not cheer the room up with a new lamp? adding depth with light is an easy way to change a room in an instant.