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Love and Money the shocking truth.

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How are you all? 

It's Monday. It's cold and wet and I have relationships on my mind. I was reading this really interesting Post on blog about love and money. I thought I would share it with you as it is so interesting. They have performed research about money and relationships and some of the results are shocking. 

let's chat about a few of the results 

Only 54% of woman surveyed would look up a partner on social media before going on a date with them and only 40% of men would do the same. I honestly thought this would be 100% on both sides. I am married but in this day and ages if I was dating I would default want to check someones social media out before going on a date. It is surprising what you can find on peoples account. 

68% of men would offer to pay on a first date. I would have thought that tradition is long gone. I know I always wanted to pay my ways on dates. 

46% of men think they are the main breadwinner versus only 19% of females. This one has shocked me. I would have thought things would be more 50/50. I honestly thought this is quite an old-fashioned view. 

WOW, both men and woman agree that ending a relationship because of the other person's financial situation is a reasonable cause. What? I would never leave my husband due to his finances. I cant believe this. 

Check it out below for yourself. 


Infographic 2

Infographic 3 ferratum