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5 Tips how to pick bathroom tiles.

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today I want to talk to you about your how to choose bathroom tiles. I have recently been helping one of my friends redo their bathroom and I thought it would be a good idea to share my top tips on how I pick my bathroom tiles.
brick wall paper in bedroom
1. Tile quality. This is not somewhere in your home you want to scrimp and save. I would always buy your tiles from a reputable supplier.  Personally, I love Harrogate Bathrooms. They fit and install bathrooms. They help you through the whole process of picking the right bathroom for you to the fitting. They use only high-grade products and most importantly they have a bathroom solution to suit everyone's budget. They also stock a huge range of tiles from stone to porcelain they have them all.

2. Colour. This is super important. For so many reasons. First, we have to think about the room. If you a small room the last thing you want is to have a dark Tile. This will enclose the room and make it appear smaller. This is one room in the home you definitely want to feel nice and spacious instead of enclosed. You may love a bold and bright tile. But in the long term will you change your mind? Or are you planning to sell your home? Remember one of the first areas the buyer looks at is the bathroom. There is nothing worse than looking to buy a home and the bathroom will need completely redone. Yes, I know this personal taste but A more neutral tiles is always a better option.

3. Size. Do you want big panel tiles or small tiles? This might be something you have never thought about. The most modern bathroom now uses big tiles. They are more streamlined and look fresh. But for a more traditional look, you can use smaller tiles. Personally, I think bigger tiles with fewer grout lines make a room feel bigger. whereas if you were to put mosaic tiles in a small bathroom this gives a feeling of being boxed in. If you have fallen for a small tile there are ways to make it work you just have to use more neutral colours.

4. Texture and finish. This can be complicated. First, you have already had to choose the colour and size of the tiles. Now you have to think about what finish do I want. The finish is just as important as all the other decisions you have to make. Do you want a matte finish or a gloss? A matte finish looks nice in a big bathroom where you are less worried about tiles making the room seem smaller. I would recommend a gloss or mother of pearl finish for a small bathroom any finish which reflects the light will make a room feel and look bigger. Think about when you add a mirror to a room the room already feels bigger. This is the same principle as tiles.
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5. Pay a professional. Yes, I know you are thinking I could put these up myself. It can't be that hard right? Wrong it is a lot harder than you can imagine. From cutting the tiles to size to professionally grouting them. Do you really want to scrip on this? Badly fitted tiles can lead to damp and possibly worse. No this is the area you defiantly need to get the professionals in.