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How to keep warm in your home this winter.

Winter has arrived, and the frost and cold weather is about to start rolling in thick and fast. My guide is going to take you through the best ways to keep warm this winter and to prevent that horrible chill from entering your home.

It may surprise you to hear, but having warm colours in your home actually gives off the impression of warmth. Darker colours such as walnut, because we associate them with warmth, it tricks our minds and our bodies into actually feeling warm. So It might be time to get your paintbrush out or change up your soft furnishing.

Your Flooring
It might be time to think about the heat you are losing through your flooring. When you think about losing heat in your home you think you windows right but have you thought about your floor? has your wooden floor seen better days? It might be time to think about updating to a new floor.

I would recommend getting Engineered wood flooring which not only looks amazing. It has the capability to have underfloor heating fitted. If you have a slightly extended budget it is highly recommended. Engineered wood flooring, due to its clever layered makeup won’t be affected by the heat of the underfloor heating system. If you don't fancy having underfloor heating then having the right underlay and flooring insulation will make a huge difference in keeping the heat where it is meant to be in the home.

As I said above it is one of the first things you think about when you like about losing heat in the home. If your windows are old or single glazed it is time to get them changed. You can lose so much heat out of your windows and doors. Yes, this is not a cheap way to retain heat loss but in the long run, it is one of the best ways to keep the heat inside the home.

Draft excluders
As well as ensuring your flooring is properly prepared, it’s important to make sure the rest of your house is fully ready. Draft excluders will be your new best friend and will ensure that heat doesn’t escape. You can buy them, but they are also incredibly easy to make a DIY draft excluder. Any material that can be used to wedge a space, along cushion or item of clothing will do the trick.

Thick curtains are also a great help. It’s also incredibly important to ensure that windows are shut properly and that all cracks are covered. If you have the budget as well, double glazed windows are always worth investing in, but it can be a costly investment.

If your home has radiators. You need to keep on top of there maintenance. When was the last time you bleed your radiators? Keeping them in tip-top condition will maximise their functionality and keep you warmer. I like to do this every couple of years if not yearly. It just makes sure everything is working right.

Simple Hacks. 
Other more simple options pop on a jumper or fluffy onesie. What it is winter its time to get cosy. Don't forget warm sock these can make all the difference. Want about a nice warm fluffy blanket always does the trick! One of my personal favourite ways to get warm is to hug my dogs. Ovusaly you need a willing dog for these options.

I hope my guide has helped you to stay warm this winter.