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What Sofa to Choose If You Have Pets at Home?

Pets can become true friends for their owners, help them get rid of stress, delight them with their funny tricks. However, when it comes to the safety of upholstered furniture, the mood of the owners can significantly deteriorate. Cats leave lumps of hair on a beautiful upholstery, sharpen claws about it, and dogs will not fail to chew on the armrests and legs of a sofa or chair.

Therefore, when you choose a sofa for the living room, you need to think about upholstery that simply will not attract the attention of animals. After all, there is upholstered furniture for the living room, quickly and easily cleaned from stains and wool, without wooden inserts that puppies love to gnaw on. Let's figure out how to be guided in choosing upholstered furniture if there is a fluffy ball in the house.
How to choose a sofa in the living room if there is a cat in the house?
The main problem faced by the owners of cats is the ubiquitous wool and claw marks on the sofa upholstery. Nevertheless, you can save the appearance of upholstered furniture. The main thing is to choose the right upholstery. The most stable fabrics today include velour, flock, and faux suede.
For stylish and practical furniture, flock upholstery is often used. The material has high wear resistance due to the special production process. In fact, this non-woven material will be a practical option for sofa upholstery: it is easy to clean and is not afraid of pollution. Even if the cat decides to sharpen its claws on such furniture, it will still retain its original appearance. However, cats ignore sofas upholstered in flock: there are no loops for catching on there.
Another version of the “anti-cat” sofa upholstery is faux suede. It is a durable and wear-resistant material. A sofa upholstered will look presentable for a long time. Faux suede is easy for upholstery cleaning, it is not afraid of moisture, it does not fade over time, it has a
short pile, so little spools appear on it.
How to choose a sofa in the living room if there is a dog in the house?
All dogs, especially at a young age, like to sharpen their teeth, and this is a potential threat to the wooden details of upholstered furniture. In this case, you will have to abandon the classic Baroque in the interior, because this style is replete with many ornate wooden inserts, openwork legs and fancy armrests.
In your case, you need to choose a more acceptable design option (metal legs, lack of decor) and a durable, easy for upholstery cleaning pieces of furniture. This option will be corner sofas for the living room. 
An excellent option is a velour. Velour upholstery is easy to clean from stains and wool. This is perhaps one of the most popular materials. Its velvety structure creates a cosy atmosphere and adds a feeling of airiness to the interior.
Faux suede is a soft, velvety and soft-touch fabric. If there is a dog in your house, it is worth buying furniture covers from this material. In tactile sensations, it looks like natural suede. It is strong, durable, and wear-resistant material, which retains its properties for a long time.
Upholstery Cleaning Procedure for Pet Owners
The main problems during upholstery cleaning are removing stains from furniture upholstery and cleaning it from wool. If it is relatively easy to remove fresh stains, it can be more difficult with old dirt.
In the upholstery cleaning process, the most important factor is the use of effective pet-friendly cleaning products. In most cases, the preparations sold in the stores nearby contain toxic chemicals. They may cause skin irritation or breathing problems to your cat or dog. 
Prolux Cleaning is specialized in providing quality pet-friendly cleaning services. The preparations Prolux specialists use come from the world leader of eco cleaning products Prochem. Each procedure, offered by Prolux will exceed your expectations and will be safe for your pet. The steam cleaning procedure is especially appropriate for use in homes with pets, because it kills all the bacteria and leaves the surface fresh and clean, without the application of harmful chemicals.