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Sunglasses: why they should be worn all year round.

We all know sunglasses as a staple summer accessory but it’s important to remember that they can protect us all year round.
With the leaves beginning to change and a nip in the air, Autumn is definitely on its way - but that doesn’t mean we should be packing away our sunglasses. UV rays are just as harmful in the colder months as they are in the summertime, so it’s essential we keep our eyes and the sensitive skin around them protected.
UV protection
UV protection is the number one priority when it comes to sunglasses, so always making sure they are CE marked and have UV400 protection is essential when looking for your next stylish pair of sunglasses.
Up to 80% of the sun’s harmful UV rays can penetrate cloud according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. So that means sunny days aren’t the only ones you need to stay protected with sunglasses. 
It’s a common misconception that contact lenses are enough to protect your eyes from the sun, but sunglasses also ensure UV protection to the sensitive skin around the eyes, not just the eyes themselves. This makes them a better option when it comes to staying protected against UV, no matter the time of year.
Low sun and glare
With the low sun in the winter months and glare off of wet roads, the sun can begin to become an issue when driving. Temporary loss of vision due to glare can potentially lead to an accident, so wearing your sunglasses while driving in these conditions is essential for driving safely all year round.

Leightons will protect your sight
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