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How to make cheap birthday cards.

Something you might not know about me is I love giving gifts. I love spending time picking gifts and gift cards for special occasions. I just love putting the effort into things for the people I love.  I think giving a little something is just a nice way to remind someone you care. I am not saying every time you see your friends you need to give something but just now and again. Especially if that person is having a birthday or going through a hard time.  As Taylor Swift says "it's nice to have a friend". So let's always take some time to tell our loved ones just how much they matter and that you will always be there for them.  This modern world can be busy, Can't it? I can go months without seeing some of the people I consider my closest friend. So I like to really show them I care. 

 Today I want to share with you a fantastic little find. Design bundles. This a fantastic market place site which provides digital products such as Graphics, Templates, Mock Ups, Patterns, Illustrations and Craft Files. You might already know this site as it has over 1million happy customers. They have over 150,000 products to choose from. They are experts at connecting talented independent designers with us, discount seeking customers. They have a complete focus on customer service. Which you know is one of my top priority when it comes to buying any product. I was in customer service for years and I really value good honest customer care. 

Let me show you some of my latest favourites I have ordered. This is the amazing mermaid svg digital file.  I love to make these into cards. The following are three designs, I have used to make amazing cards. Yes, they are all mermaid ones. Who does not love mermaids? I love being able to use digital files to make my own cards. This gives me the freedom to choose what I write inside, to change the font and colour of the text inside the cards. This saved me from handwriting the inside. I am dyslexic and my writing is not the prettiest.   I also get to choose what card I used. I actually used different coloured cards for these designs. I'll tell you more about the card below. The cards I made I never took photos of but I will show you the mockups I made. 

The svg files are super easy to buy. You just pay online and download the files. It's that simple. If you need it in another format just convert it. These files make it easy to resize to the size you want and you never lost the quality of the image. 

This is the gorgeous Drink like a mermaid. I made this one for one of my girlfriends birthday. She loves a nice glass of champers and is obsessed with all things mermaid. What that is a healthy obcession for a grown adult. I actually printed this one a very light pink card. I added some glitter and stars. There are just so many options with digital printing. 

This was for my friend's little girl who is now 3. She was having a mermaid-themed birthday party and she loved this card. I printed it white card but once printed I covered it in light blue and turquoise glitter. She is obsessed with the colour pink so I covered the back of the card in pink glitter. She loved it. More than the present I got her.
Lastly, we have, Make a splash. This was for one of my friend who got a new job on a new boat. He is in the marine industry. I knew when I saw this he would love it. He always jokes that on a long trip he speaks to the mermaids and mermen. I did this one on a light blue card. I actually stuck little boats and fish stickers all over this one. It was so cute. He loved it and thought it was very funny. 

The most important thing when giving a gift or a card to make someone's day. I really like to go a bit overboard. (Sorry couldn't help the pun) I like to really think of the person and make them smile or laugh. I am not fishing for compliments but I think they looked awesome. Ok Puns are out my system.

I find SVG files bundles to be not only a great outlet for my creativity but they save me a fortune. Once you have them on your computer, you can reuse them as much as you want. You can make anything you want from cards to nice framed prints. I really hope this has got your creative juices flowing.