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How to fall back in love with your home

It can be all to easy to fall out of love with your home and the first thing you think about is selling it and moving house. Right? But before you jump the gun. Let me share with you easy ways to fall back in love and lust with your home. Start to think of your house from a buyer perspective. Stay with me here. So if you were looking at your home as a blank canvas what would you do? Would you in an ideal world change things? So what is stopping you?

1. Change up that kitchen. If you are not happy with your current kitchen, why are you putting up with it! I am not saying spend thousands of pounds on a complete redo but you can buy really inexpensive kitchen splashbacks, tiles and worktops. This can really change a kitchen with little cost.  Stop living in a space you don't like and make the changes you need.  You should love your kitchen and feel happy about it. Let's face it we all spend a lot of time there, don't we?

If you find your kitchen is inpratical it is time to make the change and make it function better for you. This, in turn, will help you fall back in love with this room. There is nothing worse than a discombobulated kitchen. So get sorting it out.

2. There are so many amendments you can make to your home. I know a lot of people want more light in their home. Dark and dull rooms are always a top complaint. Have you ever thought of going down a more modern route? What about swapping out your stairs for a new glass staircase? This would change the whole feel of your home. You can purchase toughened glass at a really reasonable rate. If the idea of a glass staircase is a bit much what about adding internal skylight windows. This really would make use of natural light and give your home a new lease of life.

3. Make some big changes. Has the layout of your home always irritated you? You would prefer a dining room rather than a large living room and no dining room.  Have you always fancied open plan living? Contact an architect and get the creative juices flowing.  An architect will help you with your vision and make your dreams a reality.

4.  So you want to move as you need extra space? Ok, but have you thought about adding an extension or loft conversion? This can solve your need for space problems. Giving you the much needed extra space you desire whilst saving you the time and hassle of house hunting and moving. Come on we all hate packing right. Plus a bonus of adding value to your home too.

5. The bathroom is always something people complain about in their home. I wish I had a deeper bath. I wish I had a wet room. I really wish we had a jacuzzi bath. So what is stopping you from changing it out to the bathroom you dream off? Do it, It will be cheaper than moving house I can tell you that. Your bathroom should be a sanctuary of peace and functionality.

I hope this has given you some idea of how to fall back in love with your home.