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How to throw the best baby shower.

So it has happened your closest friend has announced she is having a baby. You are filled with joy and excitement and you want to make this the most special time in her life right? Today we are talking about how to throw the best baby shower. I want to share my advice on making this an occasion to be remembered. 

First up the when? 
No pregnant woman wants to see a cake or any kind of food in the first trimester. Come on do you really want her remembering all the beautiful things she can't eat. That is the highest form of cruelty. Surprise parties might sound fun and exciting but there are a time and place for them. You know your friend. Is this something she would really want? I suggest sounding out the mummy to be and see what she would want in the way of time for the party. One of my friends was so uncomfortable in the last trimester that she basically lived like a hermit and was happy this way. Everyone is different so communicate with the mum to be. If she is a first-time mum then you may have to play it by ear and hope for the best. 

The gift. 
This is my favourite part of the party. I love putting thought into the gift. I always buy the mummy and daddy to be a 4D baby scan. I think this is the ultimate gift. I like to buy presents that are more of a special memory. Being able to see your baby in 4D is amazing. This will bring a tear to the hardest heart. Theses scans are amazing and so detailed. There is also the option to go for a gender scan.  Just search for a Gender scan near me and you will find one in your area. This could also be a great option if the mum wants a gender reveal party. Does anyone else love watching gender reveals on youtube? just me? I just love seeing the faces of the parents when they find out the gender. It is such a special and life the changing moment. 

The who
This is so important. This really is where communication is key. Family and friends all have complex relationships. The last thing you want is to invite the wrong people to the baby shower. This happened at a party I went to it was so embarrassing. Four people had to be asked to leave as they were making a scene. The last thing you want is to stress the parents to be out. So make sure you know who they want to come and more importantly who they dont want to come. This is also where you need to discuss party size. Do they want a big or small party? So important, There nothing worse than having to entertain a lot of people when you wanted an intimate do and vice versa. 

This is also where you ask about the elephant in the room. children. Yes, this is a baby shower but not every mum want babies and children at their shower. Sometimes they want it to be a bit of adult fun. This is definitely a conversation that needs to be had. 

The where
Where are you holding the shower? Your house, the mum to be house a restaurant or another venue? Personally, I never recommend the mum and dad to be a house. This is for a few reasons. One, they don't want to have to do the extra clean up. They have enough on their plate. Two, if mum is getting too tired or ill they can go home to relax and not worry about people being everywhere. If possible an away from home venue is preferred less hassle for everyone. 

Food and drink. 
Are you going to have a theme? Tea party? Mini foods. Blue for a boy, pink for a girl? There really are so many options. I always go with mums choice. This guarantee there will be food she will like to eat and of course that she will remember. I even had a mini shepherd's pie at one shower. (it was all she could eat that month) Yes, I had all the expected cakes and treats too But the mum was so thankful as she was worried she wouldnt be able to eat anything. 

I love doing a mixture of cocktails and mocktails. I love a good theme. I like to go with the mum or dads favourite drinks. I do alcoholic ones for drinkers and non-alcoholic ones for none drinkers. I also like to do a signature mocktail for the event. Something very cute normally a sparkling fruit juice or smoothie. 

The games
These can be super fun ice breakers. There are so many to choose from. Come on who hasn't had to eat Nutella out a nappy? Or bobbing for dummies. As fun as these can be you need to make sure they are wanted at the party. I was at one shower and the mum to be hated games and was not happy that the host had included them in the party. So remember these are fun but not for everyone. 

The time
How long do you want the party to last? Some people are happy with a couple hours, some are happy with it continuing to the early hours. This is again another conversations to have with the parents to be. This is why I like to hold the shower in a local venue. This way the people who can only attend for a little while can do so and the rest have options to stay or head to a local bar. 

Remember this should be as stress-free for the soon to be parents as possible. Your job as the host is to make this a special moment in time for them. Something they can look back on and have happy memories. I hope this has helped you plan a awesome baby shower. 

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