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National Home security month Yale smart home alarm

This month is National home security month. You may know if you have been following me for a while but I did my time as a police officer. I wanted to talk to you about home security. How safe is your home? A lot of people take safety for granted but a break-in can happen to you. Believe me, I have attended lots of them. Break-in is devastating. Not only is your property taken but your house is ransacked. I have never attended a tidy break-in. Sorry just saying. When speaking to victims one of the hardest things to deal with is the fact that people have gone through your drawers and taken your treasured items. It really creeps people out and to be honest it is very invasive. 

Most break-ins happen in daylight. They happen quickly and there is a huge probability you will never see the stolen items again. unfortunately, it's more likely you will win the lottery than get all your property returned. 

I have spoken to house breakers who have told me, they target homes with no home security or at least they try to. If this doesn't convince you to invest in your home security nothing will. You know that saying from the mouth of babes. Well, today we are using from the mouths of crims. 

I want to talk about how to keep safe but before we talk about that I want to share this amazing site with you This is crammed packed with helpful information and advice. Why not pop over at that the how safe is your home quiz this will shock you. 
Now let's talk upping your home security game. One of the amazing partners of National Home Security month Or NHSM is Yale. We all know Yale is the for fore of your mind when you think of locks and keys, but they are also the fore in home security too. They have created the best home safety systems from full alarms to home cameras they have it all. 

Yale has gifted me Smart Home Sync Alarm starter kit to review and share with you. They also have a whopping 20% discount on all their products Just add YALENHSM20 at the checkout and save your self some money. 

What is the Smart home Sync Alarm start kit from Yale?
It is the most intelligent alarm system I have seen.  It really is the alarm system that but us in charge. You can check in on your alarm from anywhere. From work from a coffee shop up a mountain, you are in control. You will get alerts as soon as the alarm has been triggered. 

There is also a fantastic geolocation feature this will remind you to set your alarm when you are leaving your home. This taking the stress and worry of the "Did I set the alarm" Come on we all do that one. 

I almost forgot to say it can be connected to Philip Hue and Amazon echo. This giving you the control all in the same place. Imagine your light, alarm and sound all from the same place. This will also be the best home security system combining lights sound and voice to be the best deterrent. The big plus is that there are no ongoing fees to pay.  

You also get free installation of your new alarm from Yale. Saving you a fortune in extra cost. The installer will also help you get started and teach you how to use all the features. 

What's in the box 

Box Contents:
  • 1x Smart Hub
  • 1x Siren
  • 2x Motion Detector
  • 1x Door/ Window Contact
  • 1x Keypad

What the brand says about the feature. 
  • App control - Arm, disarm and manage Sync for peace of mind whilst home or away via the Yale Home app
  • Mobile alerts - Receive real-time notifications direct to your smartphone so you're always in the know
  • Custom integration - Sync works with Amazon Echo and Philips Hue for the ultimate security experience
  • Distance protection - Working to protect up to 200m range, Sync has your outbuildings and sheds covered
  • No monitoring fees
  • Wire-free accessories - Expand and customise your security system with battery-powered accessories
  • Remind me here - Geolocation reminders can remind you to secure your home as you arrive or leave
  • Enhanced encryption - Keep your information safe with added protection for data security
This will change your home security and keep you and your loved ones safe and sound. You need this system in your home. There is nothing as precious as peace of mind that your home is safe. Dont forget you have till the end of the month to use the discount code.