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The best shirt dress for an hourglass shape.

We are back talking fashion. I love fashion. I love how it is so freeing. It can change my mood and make me feel better. I know fashion means more to some people than others. But to me, it is a way of expressing myself with no words. 

Today we are doing another Femme Luxe y haul. You know I love this site. I am a bit obsessed, to be honest. They do everything you could need from Corset tops to loungewear and dresses. They have us fashionista covered and what more they are so so inexpensive. 

Femme Luxe Finery is like a mix of Little mix and Kardashian in style. If you are looking for current trends and some classic you need to hop on over and check out this amazing site. 

As always I will share the size I have ordered. I am normally a size 8/10 and an hourglass shape. Boobs and bum. I have lost a bit of weight lately and am on the smaller side. Lots of fitness training this last few months. 

This is the White Pleated Long Sleeve Shirt Dress - Kelby £20.99.  size 8 OH MY GOSH yes to this shirt dress. My figure suit this type of dresses. It fits me like a glove. It has the best shape I have ever had in a shirt dress. I would be tempted to add a white slip under it. I have honestly never had such a great fit. It hugs my waist and accentuates my curves. You can dress it up or down. Wear it every day or on a night out. This really is a wardrobe stable right here. You need this in your life for sure. 

This is Black Basic Leggings - Gracelynn £4.99 Size S/M. Come on who doesn't need a pair of classic black legging. These go with everything and anything. They are perfect. Not see-through in any way. Which is so hard to find. They fit really well and are the perfect length for me. I am 5 ft 6 in height. They are not high waisted which I really like. I am a funny shape and High waisted doesn't always suit me. Weare with a heel to dress up or trainers to dress down. I mean what more do you need and under £5. Bargain. 

 This is White Polka Dot Fishnet Sleeve Shirt - Iona £14.99 size 10, I love this shirt. It is so cute and the sleeves are just stunning. I love the detailing on the chest and sleeves. It looks, designer. It could be ted baker or something. It is such a lovely length. I would wear a vest underneath. Hiding my bra. There are so many ways to wear this dress it up with a skirt. Wear it tucked into jeans or legging. Wear it on a night out or even to work. I mean is there an occasion you couldn't wear this too? It is 100% stunning. 

I love this YesSaintwest Tee shirt  Size 8/10. You know I love tee shirts from Femme and this on is no different. I love the quaility and they shape. You can wear it as a long tee or knot it for a cropped look. I think this is a cute Kardashian reference. If you know the kardasians you will get the tee-shirt if not it just looks like a nice slogan tee. We cool femme Lux. Pair with comfy jeans or a skirt and heel and you are ready to rock and roll. 

I hope you have enjoyed this haul and I look forward to sharing my next haul with you.