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The best facial Exfoliator and Hydration Masque.

Hello, my name is Laura and I am a skincare junkie. Ok, I have said it and it is out there. I can now breath but seriously. My skin journey has been a bit crazy lately. I am a qualified Makeup artist and qualified in facials. I really believe that great makeup can only be achieved with a good skincare system. Yes, you can cover up breakout but really you need to get to the root of the problem right?

I was that girl who never had a breakout and had really clear skin just the occasional breakout. Fast forward to now. I am suffering from dry skin and breakouts and sometimes a bit of oil. Because my skin was always good in the past, people really notice the difference in my skin and they even make remarks. I know, annoying. I mean I would never say anything about someone else's skin but hey ho that is the world we live in.

I was sent some product to try from Ark skincare, You may remember some of the Arks products where in my monthly favourites.  Ark Skincare is fantastic. They are an award-winning British skincare brand. They are unique in the industry as they treat skincare in ages brackets and skin concerns. That in its self is a revelation.

Well, let's get to the good part the reviews. 
Let me introduce you to Triple Action Exfoliator £35 and Hydration Injection Masque £35. 

First, let's talk about the Triple Action Exfoliator. I am a hard cookie to please when it comes to exfoliators. It takes a lot to impress me. I want it all and I want it fast. I love a really gritty texture Which this one has. I want instant results from the first treatment and I got that for sure. As I have said I have been suffering from dry patches on my face and I have tried to remove this with other exfoliators and been left with some patches, But not with Arks Triple action exfoliator. My skin was left baby soft. The softest it has been in ages. It felt amazing for about a week after treatment. 

It is so simple to use. first I cleanse and wash my face then I dampen my face and neck again. I use about a pea-sized about to start with. I massage in circular motions all over my face. Avoiding my eye area.  This is where I leave the product on for 2 minutes. The amount of time you leave it on is determined by your age.  I use a hot washcloth and remove the product making sure I get it all of my skin. Then pat dry and feel the results. You will not belive how good your skin will feel from just one treatment. I have been using this for over a month and It has taken a firm place in my favourites. 

What the brand says
An innovative triple effect exfoliator with physical, fruit acid and enzymatic action to create exceptionally smooth skin. The AHA blend acts as an Alpha-Hydrox Acid Peel or an enzyme peel as well as the added benefits from physical exfoliation by Bamboo micro particles. Skin is left feeling exquisitely smooth and fine lines and scars are diminished. Vegan friendly.
Bamboo micro particles gently slough dead skin and debris from the surface, creating a flawless, polished texture.
Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) from Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Orange and Lemon increase the range of cell renewal, helping to diminish acne scars and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
Skin Regenerating Enzyme dissolves desmosomes to release dead skin cells, fade pigmentation and improve nutrient absorption. 
Next up we have Hydration Injection Masque. I do not use this one the same day as the exfoliator. This is my little skincare treat to really boost my skin hydration. My skin need this hydration at the moment. I have been using this once or twice a week for the last month. I have seen a huge difference in the appearance of my skin it looks well-nourished and hydrated. It has more bounce and elasticity. It also looks less dull. It really makes your skin glow.  

I again cleanse my skin before application. I apply a very thin layer to my face and neck. I leave this one for my age range which is 10 minutes. You can use it as an overnight treatment for a big hydration hit. I use a hot washcloth to remove the product and pat dry. This gives some instant results but I actually find the next day is when this product really comes into its own. This is when I notice my make up sits better on my skin and look so fresh and youthful. 

What the brand says 
An intensive multivitamin hydration injection masque to quench skin, plump wrinkles and restore vibrancy. This rejuvenating treatment masque is the ideal weekly pick me up for skin which looks tired, stressed or lacking in radiance. Vegan friendly.
Contains an encapsulated blend of vitamins for maximum efficacy: Vitamin A to regulate collagen synthesis; Vitamin B5 for smoothness; Vitamin C to fade pigmentation and Vitamin E to act as an anti inflammatory and to prevent UV damage.
Hyaluronic Acid Booster drenches skin with moisture, optimising the circulation of water through all skin layers and providing 24-hour protection against water loss.
Sugar Beet and Abyssinian Oil intensely nourish the skin for a plush, luxury skin feel.
The masque instantly cools and calms and can bring instant relief to irritation and redness and to the symptoms of Rosacea. Skin looks rested, restored and smooth with a healthy, youthful glow.

I love both of these products. If you were to only choose one. I would highly recommend the exfoliator I really think this is a market leader and so unique. So why not pop over to Ark and pick up some new products.