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Monthly favorites skincare, hair and teeth.

Can you believe it's nearly august? I have blinked and missed this month. We got back from travelling halfway through the month and getting back to normality has finally happened. It's time to update you all on my monthly favourites. 

Skincare You know I love skincare and This month has been no different. 
I was very lucky and returned to some amazing PR packages. 

First up 

 Ark Skincare is a revolutionary brand. I love what they stand for and their understanding of skincare. I know you are thinking we yes it's their business. First, of all, they offer ranges based on your age group. You may know I have studied and am qualified in facial treatments. So skincare will always be a big interest of mine. More importantly, skincare that works. I was given items from the age protect range. I love both the product I received. I found the clear cleanser really helped my skin. I was going through a bit of a break out period before trying these for full discloser and I really feel this cleared up my skin and it removed all the makeup and dirt with ease. 

Can we take a minute for the Vitality moisturiser? I am so in love with the packaging it is not even funny. This look and preforms better than moisturiser I have had that cost in the £100 mark. The texture is thick and luxurious. I have combi skin dry and a bit oily. This seems to have magic powers on my skin. It helped my very dry patches and got rid of my excess oil.  I can not recommend this brand enough. 

What the brand says. 

Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser 200ml £25 

The best moisturiser for your teens and 20s. Our vitality moisturiser offers the perfect balance of hydration for younger skin. Rich in antioxidants and an active anti-pollution system, it provides daily protection from the urban environment. Leaves your skin, clear, radiant and vibrant. Vegan friendly.

Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturiser 50ml £35. 

The best cleanser for your teens and 20s. Our soap-free facial cleanser has been designed especially with younger skin in mind. It cleverly balances oily and dry areas to leave skin clear and comfortable. Natural ingredients ensure skin is treated gently while spots and excess sebum are banished. Your new best friend. Vegan friendly

Hello, my name is Laura and I am a maskaholoic. Yes, I love a good face mask and this Too cool for school egg cream mask £6.50. I frikking loved this mask. Painting the full picture I had just come home from my travel month and my skin was a bit rundown and dull. This was just what It needed to kick start the healing process. I found this really hydrating and nourishing. I can't quite pinpoint the smell sweet and nice. It felt really lux on the skin and left me looking healthy and glowing. 

What the brand says.
This mask set features an ultra-soft microfiber sheet masks drenched in egg extracts, coconut water, niacinamide, and other botanical extracts to deliver ultimate hydration, nourishment, and brightening benefits. Coconut water provides hydration and quickly penetrates into skin. Niacinamide and camu camu extract are rich in vitamin C to brighten the overall appearance of skin tone, While egg extracts nourish the skin barrier. Actives are delivered through a ultra skin-fitting microfiber, which comfortably adheres to all facial contours. In as little as 20 minutes, skin appears more visibly radiant and glowy, and feels well hydrated, plumped, and nourished.Which skin type is it good for
Next up SPF
sesderma SPF50 £23.50 I love and SPF. I think in this day and age you would be crazy to not protect your skin from the harmful sun rays. This is a great spf50. A really good choice if you are looking for an SPF that is also a great moisturiser and skin repair. 

What the brand says. 
Liposomed UVA / UVB SPF 50 sunscreen product with a light non-oily texture. In addition to protecting the skin it also repairs damage done to the cellular DNA. Contains Photolyases, repair enzymes which are activated by visible sunlight, that when encapsulated in liposomes penetrate to deeper levels of the skin, ensuring maximum protection thanks to the latest generation chemical filters.
cocobaci 15 day smile therapy pack lemon sparkle
Come on who is not looking for a natural way to whiter and cleaner teeth. I know I am. I really liked this oil pulling. It left my teeth feeling cleaner and a couple of shades whiter, which is awesome. I love nice white teeth. At first, it took a bit of getting used to the lemon taste as you just expect mint. Lemon is one my favourite flavours so this was always going to be a winner for me. 

What the brand says.
CocoBaci Oil Pulling is based on a technique used for more than 5,000 years to deep cleanse the body using oil to pull pathogens and toxins out through your inner mouth lining.    Each individually packed sachet of organic, virgin coconut oil and hand-selected essential oils incorporates the detoxification properties of Gemmotherapy (a special form of therapy) through the added addition of Oak Bud extract and will leave your teeth and breath smelling sweet.
Contains food grade Virgin coconut oil, lemon, fennel
 Lemon·         High level of vitamin C a powerful antioxidant
·         Maintains PH balance
·         Aids digestion of fat and promotes weight loss
·         Promotes hydration
·         Antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal
Fennel·         Treats bad breath
·         Helps with inflammation
·         Aids bone health
I am obsessed with this range. I have long fine blonde hair. This is hands down my favourite shampoo conditioner and hair masque. I have ever found. It not only leaves my hair nice and clean without any damage But it also leaves it to look and feel the best it ever has. I get my hair coloured and struggle with finding a brand for my hair.  I can honestly say this is by far the best thing I have ever found for my hair. I have used it for over a month. My hair looks and feels so good. It is no longer looking damaged. It looks healthy and fuller. I also find with this I get more out of my hair and need to wash it less. What more can you ask for? 

What the brand says.
A rich sulfate-free shampoo gently cleanses and hydrates hair weightlessly. Certified organic Shea Butter and Coconut Water blend with our proprietary fusion of Dragon Fruit, Lychee Berry and Green Apple Extracts to nourish and energize lifeless hair.
This one is a bit random I know. Grethers pastilles I suffer from sore throats and these have been a godsend this month. I love the flavour and they really help when you have a tickle in your throat. As you can imagine I do alot of talking and these really help me get my voice and throat back in tip top form. 

What the brand says
Blackcurrants are one of the most vitamin C-rich fruits. They support the immune system. They contain ingredients that strengthen the gums, soothe sore throats and protect the voice. The incomparable fruity yet mild essence gives our soothing pastilles their distinct flavour and deep dark colour. Grether’s Pastilles Blackcurrant are available with sugar and as a sugar-free version sweetened with maltitol syrup and acesulfame-K. Take Grether’s Pastilles Blackcurrant as soon as you notice the first signs of discomfort and enjoy the intensive fruit flavour of blackcurrants with all your senses.
Pago fruit juice I love this fruit juice. I was introduced to this whilst we were travelling. I found it in Spain. So when they reached out and offered me some. I said hell yes. My personal favourite is tropical. It tastes so good and fresh and has added vitamins so what is not to love right? 

What the brand says.
This indulgent tropical cocktail of 100% fruits and valuable vitamins stimulates the senses and will take you on a pure taste adventure.
Multi fruit Juice from concentrates and purees with 9 vitamins and Provitamin A. Fruit Content: 100%.
Ingredients: Concentrated Juice of Apple (53%), Pear (19%), Orange (10%), Pineapple (5%), Grape (1%) and Lemon (0,2%), Purees of Guava (5,5%), Apricot (5%), Banana (0,5%), Mango (0,5%), Peach (0,2%) and Papaya (0,1%), Vitamins C, B3, E, B5, Provitamin A, Vitamins B6, B1, B9, B7 and B12.