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How to plan a perfect garden party

*This post is in collaboration with Lionshome. 

It's the words that put fear into you at this time of year. "Let's have a garden party, we can just invite 10 of our closest friends?." You can imagine the scene already can't you? Your partner has returned from work and uttered those dreaded words and now you are, to put it mildly, freaking out. It always sounds fun but your garden is not party-ready and you don't have enough hours in the day to complete the impossible and pull of the best garden party ever right?

That is where I come in. Today we are talking how to pull off a garden party with ease.

Let's start at the basics. The garden. How is it? Do you need to do a tidy? Cut the grass? weed? It's time to get the garden looking less jungle and more pounded to perfection. Let's face it every party has a judgy Judy, so we want our garden to look impeccable. I would leave yourself a day to make the garden how you want it. Most people don't realise that garden party actually take weeks to plan. The first job is all about the garden and maintenance but this needs to take place a couple weeks before the event. 

Whilst you are in the garden, it's time to think about the practicalities. Do you have the right garden items? No, I don't mean potted plants. I mean seating, tables? Etc. I have found some wonderful garden tables and chairs at LionsHome. To say I am obsessed with the Outsunny 11PC Rattan Garden Furniture Outdoor Patio Dining Table Would be an understatement. It is just so pretty and only £399.99 for an 11 piece set. I just love the aesthetic of this set, it's so clean and modern. LionsHome have so many options so go and check them out. 
Outsunny 11PC Rattan Garden Furniture Outdoor Patio Dining Table Set Weave Wicker 10 Seater Stool Black

Ok, The garden is ready you have everything you need, now you need to think food. What do you want to do? A BBQ? an afternoon tea? Mexican? The theme will help you with planning. You need to get a list of what you want to offer your guests. This is everything from welcome cocktails to food. I find having a theme an easy way to take the hassle out of the preparation. It is so much easier to think right a BBQ, I need meat for the grill, Salads, pasta, bread. I always recommend a theme. Plus it just looks so much more put together. 

Refreshments. You need alcohol and soft drinks. What do you want to serve? 
For an afternoon tea theme, I love a gin cocktail serviced in a teapot. For a Mexican theme tequila sunrise. For a BBQ a nice glass of Pimms. You need to order all the ingredients and lots and lots of ice. Whilst we are on drinks, Do you have enough Glasses? I Recommend checking that you have the right glasses and If not pop an order in. There is no point having a gorgeous table and no pretty glasses to serve your amazing drinks in. 
Barcraft Glass Cocktail Kit
I love this glass cocktail kit from Lionshome. Does this not scream garden party style to you. Imagine how nice a gin cocktail or Pimms would look served in these. 

Music. Every good garden party needs music. Do you have a speaker for outside? This might need to go on your list of things to buy. Remember you don't want to annoy your neighbours. Make sure to turn the volume down after 9pm. 

Don't forget that if you are planning a late finish, you need to think about the elements. It will get colder at night and do you have outside lighting? This is all things to think about. 

Ok, you have the food, drink and garden are ready. Next up, Is to set a time. There is nothing worse for a guest than being told just come over whenever. By setting a time you can be ready for your guest arriving. It will take the stress out of your planning and give you a clear deadline. Always be prepared for your more eager friends to arrive early. I like to make sure everything is as prepped as possible the day and morning before. Let's face it, you want to enjoy the party too. 

The most important thing is to have fun and relax. This is meant to be a fun experience. I hope this has helped you to plan a gorgeous garden party.