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My favorite loungewear Femme Luxe Finery

Happy Sunday everyone,

Sunday is the day that I like to chill out and relax. A lot of people ask what us blogger wear in our downtime. Well for me its all about the loungewear. I live for a really nice comfy item of clothing. No matter what your Sunday plans, I think we can agree this is the day made for chilling out to the max. Right? So grab a coffee and let me show you my latest shopping haul. As always I will share my size I am a size 8/10 and an hourglass. Everything is from one of my fave shops. Femme Luxe  This is my go-to for affordable fashion. It's like if Primark was online. It's incredible. 

This is the Black Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set -Asia £19.99 I got this in a size S/M. I got it in black. It is a perfect smart casual look. I love the top it is so flattering. You can wear it two ways as I have shown you in the photos. I think it is a staple for everyone's wardrobe. It gives me a

lady who brunches vibes. You will look put together even in this loungewear. Mix it up with heels or trainers depending on the look you are going for.

Next up
Pink One Shoulder Stripe Loungewear - Hadley £21.99 I got this in a medium. I should have gone for small really as it is very oversized. This is by far one of my favourite items. It is comfort in a two piece. I love the pink accents and the fit is a nice cut. This is Sunday for me wrapped up in an outfit. It looks awesome. The off the shoulder is a sexy and daring touch. It is so nice on your skin its like a knitted blanket. Best hungover eating pizza with style outfit you will ever own.

Now we have Black Layered Look Jumper Shirt Loungewear - Jane £24.99 I got this in a size 10. I would recommend downsizing if you are between sizes with this one for a more enhanced silhouette.
This gives me sexy school teacher vibes. Just me? I love the mismatch laying on the black part of the top and the cut hits you right at the smallest part of your waist. Hiding any belly you might have. This is perfect for us curvy girls as it takes the attention away from a bigger bust. The legging as so nice to wear too. I actually forgot it came with leggings so a nice bonus for me.
Last but not least Navy Rolled Sleeves Shirt Dress - Noa £16.99 I go this is a size 10. tell me something who doesn't love a shirt dress moment. I love the shirt dress. I have never owned a navy one before and this one is perfect for summer it is lightweight and fits really nicely.
I, of course, have styled it two ways some times I like to tie it at the back to show off my waist and for a bit more casual look tie it around the front. This is defo one of my favourite summer evenings looks especially if you have forgotten to layer up that suncream and have red shoulder this will hide them and look classy at the same time win-win right.