What would you do if the unexpected happened? - MissLJBeauty

What would you do if the unexpected happened?

I don't know about you but at this time of year, you can always guarantee one thing. Expect the unexpected. I am as you know a full-time blogger and our world is a lot of the time sugar-coated. Where everyone thinks life for us is all nice holidays and cars. My life is not so glamorous. Don't get me wrong I am in a fantastic profession which has so many perks. Yes, I am doing the job I love. I get to travel and see the world. I get to try out the latest trends before other people.

Being self-employed is wonderful but it does not mean a steady paycheck. In fact, you spend a lot of the month chasing outstanding invoices and looking for the next campaign to work on.

This month has been particularly hard. We have just come back from a month of travelling. That sound way more glam than it was. We went away in our van conversion. It was fantastic but I always feel like you take the good with the bad.

Let's start with when we got off the ferry in France and our brakes failed. This was a fun start to our trip that is for sure. Have you ever tried to find a garage in rural France that speaks English? I am embarrassed to say I have very little France. I have to say my school french lesson was a very long time ago.

Enter a lot of google translate and awkward eye contact. Interestingly did you know if you google brake pad in the google translate, it comes up with break tampon? Nope, not joking. This was some interesting conversations. Anyways the rest of the trip went fine but this did add an extra bill that we were not expecting to our month.

We have been home for two weeks and in that time we have had the following happen. The bathroom flooded. Yip I mean properly flooded. Oh, I forgot to mention it is upstairs. So This burst through the roof. Ok extra bill, cool we have saving, so this was sorted. No problem we can build them back upright?

Then wham. Our car breaks down two weeks before payday

Why do these things always happen in the summer holiday! Come on, what have I done. Is it me or some times everything happens at once. I could use some luck. Why Just Why?

What to do? I can't access my savings I spent them and I am not going to ask a friend or relative for help. I need to look at Payday loans. I am one of those people, who researches everything before I use it so loans are the same. You know I am a stickler for good customer service too. So that is one of my top priority with any company I use. I know they are not for everyone but I always use the best and most reliable company.

To end the story. No matter how careful you are with money and how much you plan and save the unexpected can happen to us all. It is what makes life interesting I guess. I want to mention. You may see bloggers, Instagrammers friends and family posting happy go lucky photos online but you never know what people are going through. So always be kind. Remember there might be a good reason your friend has to cancel your dinner date last minute. Not everyone is open about there finances and it can happen to us all. So just remember to enjoy the good time and prepare the best you can for the bad.