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Summer Time Is All About Your Accessories!

The summer is a time of dress up, where we go all out with the time and energy we have spare to perfect our outfits and look beach ready! We like to pick new colors to wear, to hug our curves and keep us cool in the sun, and we have at least 3 pairs of sunglasses perfect for glamming out every outfit we could put together. And hey, who cares how many floppy sun hats you have tucked away either?!

But the accessories don’t have to stop there - there are so many ways to wear your summer outfits differently, and all you need are a couple of versatile add ons here and there. So let’s get into them!

If you empty your bag out, how many things would come spilling out of it? And how many forgotten accessories would lie at the bottom? (Source)

Try a Glitzy Choker

Chokers don’t all have to be dark pieces of fabric that get hot and itch your neck - they can be light and glamorous as well, with a silver or gold sheen to them at the same time.

Drop a Sunny Dress with a Necklace

We love to wear dresses in the summer. It’s a time of getting your limbs out and showing them off to the sun, to get a tan and come back to work in the autumn looking like a million bucks. So make sure you’re accessorizing your dresses properly; a summer dress is usually quite flowy, sometimes rather long, and always has a low neckline. How can you make use of that?

Well, with a proper drop necklace! Something long and a little heavy, to make sure your outfit looks dressed up in all the right places. If you’re heading to the beach for the day, having a necklace on to catch the sun can really catch the eye.

Drop necklaces usually look best with a single stone on the end, or some kind of pendant or locket - sites like have a lot of options for the latter, so feel free to take a look.

Pop on a Watch for an Adventurous Look

The summer is all about making memories, and going on adventures, isn’t it? So, why not dress a little like an explorer straight out of a novel, and get some brown and darker pieces for your wrists? Something like a woven bracelet you brought back from your latest vacation, or even just one you’ve braided together yourself. I have a lovely Casio watch and I love to add a new Casio watch strap to make it look fashion forward and fresh. This is a simple but impactful way of mixing up your style. 

Let's face it a watch is never going to look bad on your skin, and if you’re trying to bring out that wanderlusty side of you for the current season of style, a leather/pleather banded watch will look great against the green and earthy hues you’re wearing.

The summer is a time of looking fancy and a bit of experimenting to get there! Make sure you’re focusing on your accessories, for the time being, so you don’t have to buy yourself a whole new wardrobe.