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The best shop online for bargains?

Today we are taking one of my favourite Hidden guilty pleasures. I love So when they contacted me and offered me the chance to try their site. I have to say it was a very quick yes please from me. This post is my honest review, But for full discloser, I have been gifted a voucher to buy these items. As always I will be honest with you. They have also given me a discount code so you can try them yourself.  add the code MISSLJ5 and this will give you 5% off your order. 

If you haven't heard of Where have you been? This is my goto online shop for everything from cleaning products, beauty, health care to sweet treats and gardening they stock everything.  The delivery is super quick and everything is packaged with care. Unlike some other companies, I could mention!. As you know I am in the highlands and my package took two days to arrive. Which for up here is AMAZING. Here we don't have the luxury of nipping into the local town when we run out of things, so Poundshop is amazing for me. As the name suggests they sell a lot of things for a pound but they also do other more fancy items for a bit more. I think the most expensive thing I ordered was £6. I will list the prices of the items which are not £1. If it's not listed it only £1.

Let's start with the Mrs Hinch style products. 
Flash bathroom cleaning spray. Hands down my favourite bathroom cleaning product. 
Flash multi-purpose. I use this for cleaning our van conversion. 
Mr Muscle toilet disks. I have to say this is the first place I have found these for £1 if like me you love these shock up. 
Latex gloves used for cleaning and fake tanning. 
kitchen roll, I love this stuff. 

Ice cube bags I actually used these to make my dogs summer treats. 
Measuring jug. I have needed a new one for so long. 

Some me-time treats because well I'm worth it. Ha. 
Epson salts FOR £1, Yes you will know I am a huge advocator of these miracle salts. 
Acne patches. I love these they really cure spots overnight. If like me you get the odd break out add these to your shopping list. 
Face wipes. I love a face wipe. 
Charles Worthington Colour Enhancing Masque, I can't believe this high-end mask is £1. Happy dance. 
Aussie conditioner for £1 what on earth this is normally expensive, This is one of my go-to conditioners when my hair is a bit dehydrated.
Bauer Pedi Soft Callus Remover £6, After travelling for a month my feet need a good pedicure. If you pick this up you need two AA batteries. 
Radox muscle bath soak. I work out and I need this in my life. Add in the Epsom salts and Yes I am in heaven. 

I Always like having an insect bite pen in our van you never know when those little critters will nibble you. This one is great. 
Travel adaptor, Always handy to have one of these. 
Body puffs because who doesn't love these. 
Kinesiology Sports Tape, We all know I mountain bike and hit the gym. I can't believe you can pick this up for £1 I have paid a lot more for this. 
Highlighter. Come on who doesn't love a new highlighter. 
sellotape I am forever hunting the house for this stuff. 

I love a comfortable bra and these are amazing £3. There are 3 in this pack. 

 Treats Two packs of 3 in 1 coffee. I use these in our van conversion for a quick fix. 
This is my all-time favourite garlic mayo. I can't wait to break it open. \
Maoam and choose these are for my biking bag great instant sugar in an emergency or in need to fast energy. 
The naughtiness. No explanation really needed. Why wouldnt I stock up our sweet cupboard? 
Come on you know If I am doing an order I am adding in treats for my dogs. 
My dogs loved these and for once it actually took them ages to get through these. I will be ordering more of these. 

I hope you have enjoyed my little haul. I can not recommend enough. Go on go have a little look and see what bargains you can find.