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Time to hit the water with decathlon

As you all know I am kinda into fitness. Ok A bit more than kinda. I am always looking for ways to get outdoors and get fit. There is no better time to get outside than in the summer. Little background my husband was in his younger years a sponsored white water kayaker. He loves the water and with me growing up with a deep-sea fisherman father. I feel most at home on the water. 

I wanted to combine my love for the water with fitness. So let me introduce you to my new inflatable kayak. If you know us you will know we are a bit Decathlon obsessed so when they graciously gifted me the ITIWIT 2 Man Inflatable Kayak. I was excited, to say the least. My husband, on the other hand, was Overexcited. He has always wanted one. 

This kayak can be used as a two-person or quickly converted into a one man. The seats are so easy to move.  Making this so versatile. There is so much space in the kayak. There is plenty of extra room at the front of the boat for storage and handy storage straps for extra security. With it being only 14kg it is so easy to carry. 

Without further ado. Meet our new vessel. 
Kit needed
The Itiwit 2 man inflatable kayak is £199.99 (gifted)
2 x Tribord 100 two pieces split Kayak paddles £19.99 each
1 x Itiwit Double action kayak hand pump 2 X 2.6L £17.99
Wetsuits Both of ours are also from decathlon. ( I told you I loved them)

With this being a decathlon product the attention to details is amazing.  The quality of this kayak is top-notch. I honestly can not believe you can get it for under £200. Everyone we have taken out on it wants one. Even our most fussy friends have said they are now getting one. I think that is the best recommendation you can get. 

If you damaged the kayak, You can buy lots of spare parts in case of any repairs. I wish more brands were this good. How many times have you bought something? Next thing you know you get a little tear and that's it bin time? Well not with decathlon. You can buy a repair kit or even a full bladder replacement. They honestly stock everything you need to repair this kayak. 

What decathlon say about the Itiwit 2 man inflatable kayak

At the seaside, on lakes or calm rivers, this inflatable kayak is ideal for one to two people exploring the water. You'll only need seven minutes to inflate it with a double-action hand pump, and when it's deflated, it's very easy to carry and store. It has two raised adult seats for good paddling comfort, is reassuringly stable and has a patented bow shape for excellent glide.
  • Very comfortable to sit in
  • Quick and easy to inflate
  • Feels stable

When you buy the Kayak it is all safely packed up in its own carry bag. This is perfect for carrying all the equipment. The kayak is inside and there are straps for holding the paddles and pump. It's a very convenient system. 

 As you can see it is super easy to unpack. I know what you are thinking. I bet it takes ages to set up. Nope, you are wrong. You can have it on the water in under 10 minutes. I have never found an easier setup. 

Just follow the simple instructions that the kayak come with. This is made so easy with the pump which comes with a built-in PSI guide. 

Decathlon instructions 
Inflate the floor first, then one of the side tubes and then the second tube to 50%. Check the overall positioning of the chambers. Then inflate it all to 100% without exceeding 0.1 bar (1.5 psi).DO NOT OVERINFLATE!Fully close all of the valves.Install the 3 fins, unless using on a river with little water.In the event of EXTREME HEAT, deflate the kayak slightly out of the water to avoid overinflation, which could damage the kayak.
The seats are high, providing increased comfort for adults in the paddling position.The seats are to be placed according to the number of persons on board, just behind of the markings printed on the floor.On the "2" markings (which therefore remain visible) when there are 2 persons on board. On the "1" marking when there is only one person on board.Ensure that you balance your load to optimise kayak performance
You are all set to go on your first voyage into the deep blue water.
I have had so many adventures in this kayak already. I wanted to really test it out. We have taken it in the warmer water down in Devon. We have had it up here in the Scottish highland on sea lochs and out on the ocean. This kayak is amazing. it glides through the water. It is so stable.  My husband took it out to see if he could topple it. He could not. He was so impressed. I did tell you about his white water past. You were warned. 
One of the loveliest aspects of the kayak is, We are able to take our dogs out with us. Our Springador Millie now thinks that the Kayak is her mode of transport and will swim alongside until she is in with us. 
I have to say it is that stable and smooth that Millie quite often falls asleep. 

The other day we took the kayak out near our home in Mallaig and we got a lovely escort of about six seal and their pups. As much as I tried I was not quick enough to get a photo. They were so playful. 

I can not wait to share so many adventures with my family. 
As for the fitness element. Have you ever tried to paddle for a couple hours? I am going to have guns like popeye and the strongest core going.  It was a full-strength blast. I burned a few hundred calories and made fantastic memories. 

The deflation is so simple you just release the valves and hay presto. You then roll the kayak back up and pop in the bag. Here is something else to mention. Another of decathlon attentions to details. The storage bag is oversized to repacking is dont in seconds. 
Deflate the kayak by unscrewing the 3 "Boston" valves.Fold the side tubes down onto the floor.Roll, starting from the opposite side to the valves to squeeze out the air.Place the rolled-up kayak into the main compartment of the bag.Close the zip and tighten using the compression strap.

I could not recommend this more to you. If you are looking to get out on the water then you need to get to your nearest decathlon and head to their online site. Start to make new and exciting family memories!