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The evolution of lingerie.

Let's talk about underwear.  We all wear it and its a daily part of our life, right? but where did it come from? We probably take it for granted, don't we? 

I am an hourglass shape. This is the most wanted shape of the moment. I am constantly being told to feel lucky to be this shape. This is by people who have never had the pleasure of trying to dress an hourglass shape. I am big on top and bottom with little in the middle. I was reading this amazing Post from Belle Lingerie about the evolution of woman's underwear. (I will pop it at the end of the post if you are interested). I love fashion and this really piqued my interest. I mean where would I be without a good bra and pants. We all own a pair of Spanx too right. 

We are all individual and all have different requirements and there are options out there for all of us. 

I was trained as an actress so I have had the chance to wear some of the items listed. People see corsets as the ultimate sex symbol but if like me you have ever worn a near replica you will know the pain woman when though for fashion. You know that scene in Pirates of the Carribean where Keira Knightley character faints this is pretty accurate. I remember us girls losing our corsets in between scenes just to breath better. 

Whilst I am sharing acting stories. I was also in a period drama and My underskirt was that elaborate that it took three of us to go to the toilet. Nope, not joking. If you had one on your wedding day you may know what I mean. It was in its self a drama. 

This really got me thinking how on earth did girls with a larger chest survive before the underwire bra. I know I struggle with a sore back and that is all with the help of fully supported bras. I mean there must have been a lot of woman with serious pain from just having to carry their boobs right? Let alone after going through childbirth? Do you ever wonder where we would be without underwear? Thank you, Mary Phelps Jacob, (The inventor of the first bra) from all womankind. 

I also remember My great grandmother telling me about the stocking shortage in the war. She used to use a fine piece of charcoal to draw a line down the back of her legs. This gave the impression of stockings. 

Underwear has changed so much in the last few decades. In my teens, it was all about coloured thongs and push up bras. Anyone else remembers the trend to have thongs above your trousers and your push up bra showing. I blame the spice girls for this trend. Only joking. Do you remember the iconic wonder bra campaign Hello Boys? This is defo where that trend started. 

Then there was underwear as outerwear. I feel like this has been around for a long time but like all fashion is having a regeneration at the moment. I do love this trend. The pretty lace bodysuits and stunning. Although I wouldnt wear this on a trip to the supermarket. But that's just me. 

Fancy sharing your evolution of lingerie stories don't forget to add the hashtag #DecadesOfLingerie. I can't wait to hear your stories.