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The denim haul- Femme

Let's face it we all love some denim. From jeans to denim skirts, we all love it right and it never goes out of season does it. I like all of you are on a constant hunt to find the perfect pair of jeans. Everyone has their own jean struggles. Mine is that I am a size 8/10 I have an hourglass shape so I have lots of junk in my trunk and a little waist. I am aware this is at the moment the shape of choice but actually living with this shape is harder than you would think. I am constantly finding jeans that are great on the legs and huge on the waist. There is also the problem of long legs in jeans. I am 5 ft 6 which is not too short in the world or us woman but it can be a struggle when buying jeans. 

Today we are back at my go-to store femme. I love this place not only are they on top of the current trends but they are so affordable. Think an online Primark but with none of the junk and better quality. If I was to compare there style to a celeb it would be Kylie Jenner. 

As always I will tell you the size I have order and what I think of size. 

Mid Wash Denim Button Down Denim Dress - Perry £14.99 Size 10. 
I love this dress. I think I could have done with the size 8. It is a stretchy material. It feels really high quality. This is the perfect Saturday out shopping with the girls dress. It gives me real little mix vibes. Not just because it is called Perry. I think the buttons give it a retro feel to it also. You could imagine baby spice knocking about in this in the 90's

 I would dress this down with some converse or up with killer heels. I have this on in the photo with a crop top bra. It would look good with a top under it to add extra layers. It is a bit heavy so it's defo not for super hot days in the summer but perfect for an outdoor evening BBQ. 

Mid Wash Distressed Ripped Mom Jeans - Cora size 10. These are the smallest out of my order. They fit me well but they are defo less forgiving. They are just above the ankle for a summer distressed look and feel. You can tell that these are quality jeans and will give a bit after good wear. Like all good jeans. I think the rips on these are placed on the most flattering parts of your legs. I love a nice mom jean moment. These have that added extra with the holes and rips. I have added bum shots for you all. I dont know about you but if the jeans don't look good on my bum what's the point. I like the shape of these on my bum. 

Dark Wash Buttons Flare Jeans - Natalia size 10. This is the ultimate high waisted jean flare. I love them. They are longer in the leg like all flare jeans. They are stretch and have a good give to them. I should have ordered an 8. but being in between sizes I do tend to play safe with the 10's plus they are comfy a bit bigger. These are a taylor swift style to a tee. I love them. Pair them with a crop top or jumper and you are ready to go. Add killer heel or ankle boot for a bit of hight and reap the benefits. I love a flare for my shape it balances out my shape and draws the eye to my bum.

Dark Wash Ripped High Waist Skinny Jeans - Alicia Regular price size 10.
Last but bit least these super cute skinny jeans. I seem to be having a high waisted moment with all these don't I. Now normally high waisted do not work for me as they are always far to big round the waist but these are perfect. I love the colour and they shape. These are perfect lazy day jeans. You can pop on your favourite trainer and go casual or whip out your best heel and bling top and hit the town. Best of all they lift your bum and give you the best-looking bum. Eat your heart out Kim K. 

Watch out for my next haul.