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CBD skincare is it worth the hype?

*This is a collaboration post with 60 acres. 

If you have been following me for a while you will know I am a qualified Makeup artist and facialist. But even before I trained I have always had a passion for skincare. I have combination skin and am always on the hunt for the best thing for my skin. 

When the lovely people over at 60acres.co.uk contacted me to try some CBD products. I, of course, jumped at the chance. 60 Acres are a fantastic new company. They have scoured the globe to find the best CBD product with the finest ingredients. They want us all to be able to have the highest quality products at affordable prices. Not only that but they are two of the nicest people I have worked with. 

You may have heard horror storied about the CBD world and their ethics but this is where 60 Acres really are leading the pack. They only work with the best brands. All the brands they work with have been checked not only for the quality of the product but how they treat their workers.  This is just wonderful. I wish more brands were this thorough. 

First off, you all know I was a police officer. So I need to of course tell you. This is not an illegal product. There are so many misconceptions about CBD. It is completely legal and available in the UK. You have to be very careful where you buy your CBD from I trust in 60 Acres. You all know I do my research into the product I use anyways but just to clarify the UK legal bit. 

These products do not contain high amounts of the illegal compound Tetrahydrocannabinol or as it is commonly known as THC. 
(CBD products must contain less than 1mg of THC per item to be legal in the UK.) 
This is the part of the cannabis plant, which has the intoxicating element and will get you high. THC is a controlled substance and not legal in the UK above the 1mg amount per item.

First a bit about 60 acres vision
Accessible, transparent, affordable – our vision is simple we believe that everyone should have access to top-quality CBD products at fair prices.
At 60 Acres, we directly partner with the best farmers and producers of CBD across the USA and Europe to bring you all-natural, lab-tested CBD products whose provenance and legality you can trust.
So why use CBD in skincare? 
There have been numerous studies on what CBD does for our skin. One of the best benefits is that it is great for fighting acne. It has anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits too. 

First up Dr Kerklaan Therapeutics Natural CBD Skin Cream £44
I have actually heard of Dr Kerklaan's research. Come on who doesn't spend their nights doing skincare deep dives? Just me? 

This for me worked when I had a particularly evil breakout or dry damaged skin. I found it lovely really soothing and healing. I wish I had taken photos. I had a nasty dry patch on my chin. Which got really inflamed. This cream really cleared it up in a couple days. Its defo one to have in your skincare cupboard. 

What the brand says about his cream 
Stress and anxiety can make skin problems worse. Flare ups are common whether it’s acne, psoriasis or eczema because hormones like cortisol tell the glands in your skin to make oil, suppress your immune system and can cause an inflammatory response in the skin. Save your skin with our Natural Skin Cream.
Topical relief that may help with skin irritations, inflammation, itching, and dermatitis using the natural healing power of USA Full Spectrum Hemp-based extracts.
Next up we have American Shaman replenishing face cream £19.50

This is a high-end cream with a low-end price tag. It is as you can see thick and luxury. It absorbed into the skin with ease. I have noticed it plumps my skin up, giving me more of a youthful skin look. It works really well under makeup. So that is always a bonus. You are left with lovely soft and healthy-looking skin. I love this after a sleepless night it makes me look well-rested when let's face it I am not. 

What the brand says 
MADE IN USA: 100% Organic and Terpene Rich! This face cream is Nature’s nourishment for a youthful complexion. It’s silky, never greasy. Plumps, moisturizes, and diminishes skin discoloration. Replenish Face Cream has carefully selected ingredients — featuring CBD Hemp Oil. Customers who have tried this have raved about how much they love it. There is just no better praise, as far as we are concerned!
Next up from the same brands we have American Shaman Hydrating CBD Body Lotion £8

I love body lotion. I like to use body lotion after a shower. I always find it hard to find one that is fast drying and not to thick but that gives me the results of a thicker cream. This is the perfect body lotion. I can rub it in and get dressed. My body feels hydrated but not sticky. I had that sticky lotion feeling. 
As you know I mountain bike a lot.  As a mountain biker, you get lots of bruising and cuts. It's a hazard of a fun sport. This body lotion really helped to heal my cuts and make my bruises disappear faster.  This cream is worth it just for that in my opinion. 

Lastly American Shaman CBD Lip Revitalizer £5.50 
As you just read, My skin gets a bit battered by the elements whilst I bike to. The first place I will notice this is my lips. They get really dry and horrible. This lip balm. Is amazing and manages to get my lips back to normal. This is no mean feat I will tell you that. They were so dry and chapped. This is so soothing and really makes them look nice hydrated and plump too. What more could you want in a lip balm? 

Have you tried any of these products?