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Easy budget ways to update your kitchen

So it's over halfway through the year and all our new year goals are long gone. I have one of my mid-year goals. Yes, that's a thing. Ok, I may have made that up. But It should be a thing.

I need to update my kitchen. I live in a house which comes with my husband's job. So switching out the whole kitchen is not an option. I thought I would share with you. How I am updating my kitchen on a budget. Let's face it when you live in a home that is not your own, you don't want to spend the earth on it but you need to live there so you want it to be nice right? Here are my handy hints and tips to changing your kitchen whilst keeping tabs on the purse strings. 

The kitchen colour. 
Our kitchen units are a beige wood effect and our tiles and countertops are black. Not my choice the kitchen was fitted before our arrival. This makes the room look smaller than it actually is. Let's face it a cheap and effective way to update any kitchen is to paint the walls. When doing this you need to really look at your worktops and units. This will determine what colour palette you can use. I am going to paint ours a nice bright white to open up the walls. This will not only open up the room but make it look clean and more modern. I know white is not everyone's choice but for me, it will work with the black countertops. 
Kitchen lighting
We have little to no light in the kitchen. There are one big window and a central lighting bank. I have no idea what they were thinking with this design. You can not see what you are doing in the there. I need to be able to see the masterpieces I am cooking, right? So I am installing led under cabinet lighting for the kitchen. This will brighten up the whole room. Not only giving me the gift of being able to see but it also makes the room look bigger and cleaner. 

The kitchen unit. 
I am painting our current kitchen units and add new unit and drawer handles. You can get handles really cheaply online. Chalk paint is super affordable and will cover most units. This is an easy way to make outdated units modern. This is a hack I have used in a previous house we lived in and I got so many compliments. 

New curtains or blinds. 
I love to change out my blinds and curtains for the seasons. I find this instantly adds a new dimension to the kitchen. I love to experiment with colour, patterns and textures in the curtains. This can really add a luxury feel to your kitchen. 

I have got some lovely art to hang in the kitchen. My uncle in law takes the most amazing photos and I have been super lucky and he has gifted me some. This will give a fantastic eye-catching aesthetic. You can use art to add colour to a dull room. Plus you can easily get your own photo turned in to a canvas. 

Why not get a paintbrush out and create your own art? This is a fun and inexpensive way to get exactly what you want. This also gives you the chance to add the colours you want to a canvas. You don't have to be an artist to do this. There are loads of helpful hacks on Pinterest. You can also pick up really inexpensive pieces of art from car boot sales and charity shops. I have found some fantastic finds. So why not go exploring and see what you can find. 

I hope these helpful tips and trick have helped you to update your kitchen.