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How To Stop Feeling Guilty Regarding Your Self-Care

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Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for many people to feel as though they’re simply not doing enough. Of course, having the idea that you can improve and move forward to a better result is something worth stewarding. It’s important to know that we have more power than we might have otherwise considered and that if we choose to truly improve ourselves, we can at any moment.

With that in mind, it’s also important to consider the opposite of this impression. With many healthcare guides, advice columns and also friends who may have found success in certain practical hobbies, we may feel as though we’re simply not doing enough to stay healthy and to take care of ourselves. This can be further complicated by the usual lifestyle implements that everyone faces, from working long hours at a full-time job or raising children - sometimes both can combine to take all available hours from you in the day.

The irony is this - in order to take care of yourself well, you need to stop feeling guilty that you might not be a perfect specimen of health. This can help you make practical solutions, which involve:

It’s Fine Not To Be Perfect
It’s perfectly fine not to be perfect. In fact, you never can be. We all have our flaws, and we all have our strengths. It might be that one of your flaws is that you were never that skilled at sports, and so your motivation to get fit has dwindled over the years. No matter. There are many flaws much worse than this to hold. Additionally, the best thing about a flaw is that you can work on it. It might be that by heading out to the gym with a friend, attending a Zumba or yoga class or simply going for longer walks can help you get out of your comfort zone - and immediately that flaw begins to dissipate. You may not recognize yourself in a year, and that can be a good thing.

The Arduous Solution Is Not The Best Solution
Something being hard does not necessarily mean it is good. Why struggle to count your calories piece by piece when you can use apps such as MyFitnessPal to scan and track all of the items you consume over the day? Why not get all the fruits and veggies you need within a beautiful new drink designed by RUVI? Why not attend a class, or use a personal trainer to get you more active? It’s fine to take the convenient route - because it’s not always a worse option.

It’s Okay To Be Weak
It is perfectly acceptable to be weak. It’s not perfectly acceptable to stay weak. Provided you have that in your mind, you can focus on changing to the degree that you are comfortable, and you may even enjoy a better standard of self-love. As long as you’re working on your best self, you know you’re not throwing yourself away, and you will feel less insecure about being less-than-ideal in this moment.

With this advice, we hope you can feel encouraged to move towards the best version of yourself, without guilt, and without fear.