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Beginners guide to taking amazing blog photos

stunning photo of rock island in wales
I get asked a lot how I take a photo for my blog and social media post. Now a day your picture really is worth a thousand word. I feel like as a generation we are more focused on images. Come on do you remember seeing your mum and dads selfies? nope me either. Over the years I have learned how to take a better quality photo. I thought I would share with you my top tips on how to up your photo game. 

1. Buy the best camera for your needs. This is so important. I am not saying raid your saving but I am saying that quality is everything. So many things are important when choosing your camera, but I really fell for the Panasonic Lumix. I like a compact camera that can travel the world with me and take an amazing High-quality photo with the click of a button.  Changing apertures with Lumix couldn't be easier and makes life so much simpler. Putting it simply aperture is how much light is let in through the lens of a camera. Bright conditions need less aperture and low light conditions need lots. The Lumix has a sensor inside which takes this into account and then tell the camera how quick or slow the shutter needs to be to get even exposure for the best photo possible. Simple and so easy. I love this camera. Also, take a look at this guide on the best cameras for bloggers.

2. Buy a tripod. This has been a very good investment. Ever tried to take a photo without a tripod? You know what I mean angling your poor camera on some books or a shelf to try and that outfit photo. Honestly, you need a tripod. 

3. Play with your camera setting. Spend time with your camera, Learn what it can do. Yes, it can point and shoot but if you really invest time into your new camera. You will really benefit from the learning process. You may even find you really love photography. Who doesn't love a new skill?  

4. Buy a lighting box and lights. This is my best trick for flat lays. I find lighting in the changeable Scottish weather a real pain. Some days are so dull you just can not get a photo without the flash, then you have glare on the product. I bought a basic lighting box and light and this makes a flat lay super simple and easy to do. 

5. Take lots and lots of Photos. Yes, this is a bit obvious. But the more you take the more you learn. I will take at least 20 photos for one photo. In fact, if its a selfie. You can time that but five.  Yes, you will spend ages deleting photos but I will guarantee you will have more than one you are happy with. 

6. Experiment. Think outside the box. Venture outside see what inspiration you get from the world. I love a good day trip for photos. You can find inspiration anywhere. Not only for photo locations but for items to put in photos. 

7. This is one of my saving money tricks. I go to the homeware shop and get wallpaper samples. These are amazing for photo backgrounds for smaller items. I actually spent a fortune on some background and when they came, It clicked they really are nothing more than bits of paper. So why not grab a few next time you are out shopping. It will save you money and will look professional in photos. 

8. Last but not least HAVE FUN. Taking photos should be fun. You can really tell when you are having fun in a photo. It really does speak through the lens. Remember your photography should reflect you. Relax and let the lens take you to a new world of imagination. 

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