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How to keep your eye healthy.

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Today I want to talk eyes with you. How many of us really think about what we put our eye though? Our eyes health is so important and I feel like our generation puts them through far more than previous generations ever did. 

Let's face it do you think your grandparents sat glued to a screen for most of their day? Most of us work on a computer. In fact, I can't think of any profession who wouldn't use a screen of some sort. Then we go home and we are all on our phones or tablets, aren't we? Or watching TV? How often do you give your eyes a proper rest? I know what your thinking when I am sleeping. No, I mean actually looking after your eyes. Did you know one of the most common causes of a headache is eye strain? I am going to share my top tips to healthy happy eyes with you. 

1. Rest your eye, Did you know for every hour you look at a screen you are meant to have 5 minutes away from it? Try it, Not only will it help your eyes but it will also refocus your mind. Meaning a more productive day too. I do love an added bonus. 

2. Get regular eye checks. Come on be honest when was your last visit to the opticians? Did you know it is recommended to have a check-up every two years minimum?  Make an appointment. Get checked. It is better to find out sooner rather than later what is happening to your vision. You look after your body why wouldn't you look after your eyes? They are just what let us see the world. So take care of them. 
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3. Buy the best contact lenses. Focus Dailies are high-quality contact lenses that provide you with healthy vision. My best friend who has had glasses and contact lenses all her life swears there is no better lens.  They are easy to pop in and unlike other lenses, they release moisture all day. Leaving you to forget they are even in your eyes. If you are looking for these Vision Direct is the best value as they are cheaper than the high street and offer next day delivery. Not only do they stock all the best brands but they offer simple ordering too. You just order what you need, when you need it. No more going to the high street or running out of lenses. 

4. Diet, You know I was going to talk about it. But our body is a machine. What we put in is what we get out. Eating a well-balanced diet rich in vitamin c and e along with omega 3 and carotenoids is essential to keeping the healthy vision. We worry about our diet but how often do we really think about are we getting enough vitamins to keep everything healthy?

5. Wear sunglasses. These are not just a fashion staple, these are to protect your eye from harmful UV rays. Did you know too much exposure to the UV rays increases your chance of cataracts? So pop those sunny's on to protect those peepers. 

6. Wear safety glasses. This is not just for manual workers but I wear these, mountain biking. when hitting the trails. It can throw up gravel and dust into your eyes. No one wants a scratched eye. I swear by goggles for downhill. Believe me, if you bike, goggles are your best friends. 

7. Ever suffers from dry eyes? Invest in a good eye drop. Everyone goes through dry eyes at some point in life. There is no point in struggling though. You can get amazing eye drops. I really like Clinitas soothe. It stops the irritation and really helps calm my irritated eye. After a day outside in the dust. This can be a lifesaver. 

8. Drink Water, You know I always talk about this but come on we are made up of water. We need lubricated eyes right. Have you ever noticed your eyesight goes blurry when you are dehydrated or tired? This is a huge red flag that you need to keep your water intake up in order to keep your eyes in tip-top condition. 

9. Have a first aid box that contains an eye bath. In an emergency, these really help your eye. I always make sure our first aid boxes in our car and our van have a couple of eye baths and eye washes in there. Our eyes are so important we have to have an in case of an emergency plan. 

10. Stop smoking. I know this is an obvious one but it really is an eyesight killer. Did you know smoking doubles your risk of age-related macular degeneration? (AMD). Smoking harms the eye tissue this is a proven fact. Smoking is also linked to cataracts. For your eye passive smoking is almost as harmful asa smoking yourself. So if you are a smoker for your eye's sake it is time to quit.  

These are my top tips in eye care health. How many of them do you actually do? 

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