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Xls nutrition week 4

Hi everyone, 

How are you? 

Its been four weeks I have been on my XLS nutrition weight loss journey now. Can you believe it been four weeks? Wow. 

I am going to do videos every second week as I think that is working better but I thought I would keep you in the loop with what I have been up to this week. 

Shakes as normal twice a day. Working well for me. I have to say I prefer the strawberry and chocolate ones the best. I go for breakfast and lunch. My snacks are fruit melon bowls and popcorn. I did have a slice of cake on one of my biking days. but I needed it!

Fitness. calories burned in brackets. It has been super hot up here and we are not used to it at all. 
girl mountain biking with hiklls in background and trees

1 x 1.5-mile hill walk (224 calories) and road bike 16.7miles (890 calories)
1 x killer shoulder and core blitz All shape up work out (230 calories)
1x 17.4-mile mountain biking day this was a super hot day (2218 calories)
1x 11.2 mountain bike day far too hot. (1548 calories)
1 x roadie ride 16.7 miles (815 calories)

So what you are here for weight loss 

Inches lost  
Bust -0.5
Waist- 0.01
Hips -no change
Bum -1.
Top thigh -0.5
Calf -1.
Arm -no change 

slowly I am getting there.