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Healthy Ways to Celebrate Your Pup's Birthday

dog in party hat smiling its birthday

A dog can feel like a member of the family; after all, they live, eat, sleep, and play with your loved ones all day long. Because you love your pet so much, it makes sense that you'd want to celebrate his birthday. However, you want to make sure you do so in a way that is both fun and healthy for your pet (and everyone else involved). If you want to know some healthy ways to celebrate your dog's birthday this year, read on. These great celebration ideas will help everyone remember just how special your furry friend is, and ensure that your dog has an extra special day.

Celebrate with a Healthy Treat

You may be tempted to let your dog indulge on his birthday, in order to help him celebrate. However, instead of giving him a human treat on his birthday (like real cake or a burger), try giving him a treat that feels special for dogs, but is still healthy. Some ideas include brown rice and chicken, sweet potatoes, blueberries, or even broccoli. Choose human food that is healthy for dogs that your dog rarely has an opportunity to eat. Consult with your vet next time you visit for a regular treatment like Sentinel heartworm medication, and he can give you an idea of what's safe for your pup to eat at his party and what's not.

Have a Dog Playdate

Gather your dog's friends or the dogs of your friends (who all get along), and have a playdate party together. Take them to a dog park where they can meet other dogs, or go to off leash hours at a park so they can run and romp. If your dog doesn't do well with all other dogs but he does have friends, find a fenced in yard where they can play. Dogs thrive in the company of other dogs, and having his friends over on his birthday will ensure that your dog has a great time and that he expends all the necessary calories and energy!

Take Him on a Walk Somewhere New

Walking is essential for your dog's health. It expends energy and ensures that his heart, bones, and muscles stay healthy. Instead of going on a walk where you always go, find a new trail or path and go there for some exercise. Going somewhere new is always a treat for your dog: let him sniff and take in all of the brand new scents he is experiencing, and it will feel like a whole new adventure for him.

Take Him to Be Pampered

Going to the spa isn't just for humans: it can be for dogs, too. Find a groomer that will massage your dog, in addition to bathing and grooming him. A puppy massage can heal any sore or aching muscles and make your dog feel great. Getting your dog groomed is also essential for his health because it helps him avoid hair matting, overgrown nails, fleas, ticks, and more.
When it's your dog's birthday, you can throw him a party without giving him any treats that could harm himself. Instead, use one of the celebration ideas above, and you'll have a very happy pup, who knows just how loved he is by his family.