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How does money affect relationships?

Today I want to talk about money and relationships. How they impact us and our futures. I want to share with you this amazing study that shepherds friendly  Have created with Dr Becky Spelman. Its all about how money affects our relationships. I was super surprised by some of the results. They really have asked the questions we are too scared to really address in our relationships. How money impacts relationships?

infogrphic how does money impact your relationship

I was surprised by That money plays any part in how attractive you find a potential partner. These seem to be especially important to women over 60. I guess they are looking for extra support in there later years. 

The date night dilemma. 
I always thought I would be traditional when it came to dates. But When I actually think this though I would always try to pay and if I was bought dinner I would buy the drinks. I always like to pay my way and If I am honest I like to overpay then feel I owe anyone anything.  

How much a partner earns? 
Now this one I know when I was younger meant nothing to me at all. I did not care. This has changed I have been the sole breadwinner in my first proper relationship. It was more than hard. I was studying at college and had two jobs to support both of us. Whilst my partner at the time worked part-time and did very little to help me. With all the will in the world, this leads to a huge annoyance in the relationship. I just couldn't get my head around not wanting to work and earn money to make life better. So now I would consider finances in that sense. I do not expect to be paid for by I do expect you to pay your way. 

What you earn. Your partner's salary. 
I have never thought about this at all. But I guess thinking about it, I have always had a rough idea of my partners salary. Mostly because we have worked in the same company or organization. 

Break up worry. 
Now full discloser I have been burned by my ex. Funny enough the one above who didn't want to get a full-time job. After we split. He was cheating on me with a school girl. No not joking. I found out all the money I was giving him to pay the council tax he was pocketing and was left with a huge debt. Next up he took out credit cards in my name. Yes fraud but very hard to prove. So I was left with a negative credit file and huge piling debt. One bitten twice shy. I was in my early 20's and had huge debt thanks to him. I was a very hard pill to swallow and paying his debts nearly broke me. mentally and physically. I don't think bankruptcy is a reason to break up but I do think to lie and hide the problem would affect me and that would lead to a breakup. 

I agree we should all save but I also am a bit like life happens. Whenever I get to a good saving place something happens, The car breaks down etc. I feel like our generation is struggling with saving especially for a mortgage and this was not the way our parents had it. There are no 100% mortgages, so to get on the property ladder is a lot harder now ages. It is just a different financial climate. 

What a brilliant and thought-provoking study. What do you think? Would it affect you?