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How to sell your house quicker with staging.

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Well, the sun is finally out and its nearly the summer holiday. Did you know a lot of families use the summer holidays to move house? With the rise in issues with families being unable to get their children into the same school, this has lead to a huge increase in families moving home. One of the hardest things to do in life is to sell your house. Not only is it one of the hardest things, but it is also one of the most stressful times in your whole life. Have published a fantastic infographic to help you sell your home faster.

One of the most important and if we are honest difficult things. To do is start looking at your home as a shell. Think about the little things. I hate viewing a cluttered house. I can't see the space properly and I just can imagine my furniture in the rooms. decluttering is super important. It may be worth investing in a storage unit to store you unessential items. We all have them. Come on do you need your treadmill and fitness bike in your bedroom taking all that space up? No, you can clear it out for a few weeks. Also, remember people will open closet. Do not cram everything in there. It will be super embarrassing when your junk falls all over the floor.

You all know I love my dogs. but when you are selling your house your pets can really affect peoples opinion of the house. Some people hate dogs and would be put off by the fact the dogs are running around and jumping on them. It will be a lasting memory of the house.  One of the other things that have turned me off a house is bad smells. You know when you watch housing programs and they say the smell of baked bread sells a house. Ok, you I am not saying bake bread. I am just saying what about investing in a nice but not overpowering room spray.

Enough from me. Let's see what the specialist say.
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