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Married and trying a dating app?

Hi everyone,

How are you all?

Today I am doing something I never thought I would do! I am reviewing a dating app.
I have been with my husband for 9 years and I never got the chance to try one. I get asked a lot from My friends, as they always assume I know what the best apps are and they ask me hundreds of questions. I think this is for two reasons. 1. I am a blogger, therefore, should know the newest and best apps for everything and 2. I am an ex Police officer. That one doesn't really need explaining.
Today I am putting to the test. Meetchu is a new FREE yes, free dating app. It is super special as it has integrated voice and video calling. Their motto is meet before you meet. So far I like the concept. saving you from any catfish nonsense.  No, I am not dumping my husband. I know a lot of you, my lovely followers are looking for their perfect match and I want to find a safe way for you to date and find love.

Let's see what it's all about.

Step one download app. So far so good. My internet is a bit slow ( Highland life) but this app downloaded in a minute. It uses Facebook to verify you are really you. So far the security is second to none.

It asks are you interested in men or women? I pick men. You can choose both. Next up it finds your location. I am using my iPad so I update the location setting on my iPad.

Set up my profile 
Next, it's on to my images and videos. You can add photos and videos up to 10 seconds long on your profile. It has also automatically added your facebook profile photo. Again I like this added extra. So simple to set up and easy to use.

Ok on to matches. It's super simple. You can X or heart people you are interested in. Then just swipe on to the next. on the image of the person profile you get the following information,  Age, How many miles from you they are and their town name. Perfect that's a good enough idea if You would want to chat or not.

In the setting, You can choose what age range you are looking for. this is awesome as everyone is looking for different age ranges this weeds out the too young and too old.   You can also choose what notification you get from the app. From likes to call requests etc.

Your profile.
I have inserted a photo of the home page below.
I really like the heart tab, This is where you can see who has matched with you and any new matches you have received.  All you have to do is tap on a match to chat with that person. Your phone number is never given to that person. You can also delete any sent messages, photos or videos from the other person phone at any time. I wish more places did this. The chat tab shows you all the ongoing chats you have open.

What I like about this app. It is super secure. It really focuses on your security. You never exchange numbers with the other person. You can voice call and video call all from the app. This really stops you from getting catfished. You wouldn't believe how many of my friends have been catfished. You have the freedom to swipe through you potential matches with easy. there are hundreds on the app.
People can like your profile and you can see who has done this. I really feel like this app has it nailed. It takes out the awkward first date scenario as you have already voice or video called each other.

If you like you can upgrade to a premium version which gives you unlimited voice and video calling. fun emojis. You can also refine your search location. Plus you can jump the queue and be seen first in match searches. From as little as £4.99 per month.

I have been given a discount code, if you would like to go test out Meetchu Yourself.

Download the app and use the free promo code:

I don't think you will find a safer way to date online. I know I have already passed on the app to my single friends.
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