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How I get discounted luxury items!

Hi everyone,

How are you? 
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You may or may not know that I like the finer things in life. I love high-end handbags and am super partial to a nice massage. I want to tell you my must have Luxury life spends and how I get them for less. I am normally quite conservative with money. yeah right? Ok, I try to be. But here are my non-negotiable I will purchase items. 

I feel like I am letting you in an on a huge secret but, that's not the case. I use Groupon for everything from discount codes to low price meals. I check Groupon before I buy. If there is not a deal on Groupon I think do I need it or can I wait? normally the answer is yes I can wait for it to come on Groupon. Then I get it. 

  1. Sports massages. I do a lot of mountain biking and I need to look after my body. As you know I am also a trained Sports massage therapist but unfortunately, I can not treat myself. These treatments can be super pricey. But my body thanks me the day after. 
  2. I love handbags. Yes, it is my downfall. but Groupon has loads of different sites like net a porter on it so why can't I make a cheeky we self-gift sometimes. 
  3. I like a nice hotel break. So Sue me. I love the spa. I like the nicer hotel and I try to go away as much as possible. Why would I pay full price when I can get it for less? Everyone like nice hotels right? Don't forget to sign up to Groupon emails. I have just had a 20% voucher sent to me. It would be rude to not use it right? 
  4. I like the nice bedding. We all spend a lot of time in bed so it needs to be as nice as a luxury hotel bed for me. This is not something I am going to negotiate on. Give me Egyptian cotton. 
  5. The theatre. I trained in acting and I love everything from musicals to ballet. For us, this always includes an overnight stay as our nearest theatres are in Glasgow or Edinburgh.  
  6. Fine dining, every few months I like to go out for a really nice meal. 
  7. Laptops, This one might sound strange but I work from home and my laptop is my life so I am going to spend a decent amount on them so. why not find it cheaper with Groupon either from there electricals or with one of there discount code. 
  8. Spa day, I love nothing more than a good pampering. It's not just a sports massage I like but I love a good spa. Nothing like relaxing in a nice hot tub. 
  9. Fashion and shoes. I love fashion and I spend too much on it so getting a discount code always makes me feel better about the amount I spend. 
  10. Mountain biking, I spend a lot of money on my favourite pass time whether its actual bikes or clothing and accessories. I like high-end biking kit. 
I know I like the finer things in life but Don't get me wrong I do still love a good budget shop too. 

What is your must-have Luxury items? 
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